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Issue 474
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45 plus-energy homes designed for former industrial site in Kunming
Vincent Callebaut Architectures' inventive and varied concepts for vertical farms, foliage-rich residential towers and reflective cultural buildings are a regular hit with media publications worldwide. The team's
designs are undeniably ambitious and their latest offering does not disappoint. Flavours Orchard is
a residential scheme near the Dianchi Lake in Kunming, China comprising of 45 plus-energy villas in a 90,000 sq m plot. Plans are for the development to encourage a neighbourly attitude through communal facilities such as a community vegetable plot and fenceless gardens, as well as generating enough energy to meet the residents' demands. Environmentally-friendly measures posed by the architects include: electric bicycles or driverless electric cars that can be recharged from the photovoltaic roofs on residential properties; recycling organic waste in compost wells to produce natural fertiliser; sending waste water to bio-reactor facades for anaerobic digestion; recycling grey water for agricultural irrigation; and introducing community-led organic agriculture onsite... Read more
Top stories this week
1 Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library Renovation, Washington DC, United States
The team of Mecanoo Architecten with Martinez + Johnson has been announced as the winner of an international competition to design the renovation and potential expansion of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in Washington DC, designed by Ludwig Mies... Read more
2 Sommelier's Home, Budapest, Hungary
The latest residential scheme by Sándor Dúzs & Architema Ltd, Lajos Kuknyó is a light-filled family home in the suburban hills of Budapest. Designed for a four-person family, the residence is defined by its geometric lines and generous window panes which bathe the interior volumes with light during the day and frame the internal workings at... Read more
3 National Research Center for Endangered Species, Yeongyang-gun, South Korea
Samoo Architects & Engineers recently unveiled the design for the new National Research Center for Endangered Species which is to be located in Yeongyang-gun, one of the cleanest environmental areas in Korea. The complex is aimed to provide a hub for the study, education and research on rare plants... Read more
4 ArtA Cultural Center, Arnhem, Netherlands
Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) has unveiled its first project in the Netherlands as part of a design competition for an arts cluster in Arnhem. Working in partnership with Allard Architecture, the Danish firm has been shortlisted for the development alongside the following teams: Kengo Kuma & Associates; NL Architects; and HH with SO-IL and ABT. OMA was also... Read more
5 The Immersery, Melbourne, Australia
In celebration of last year's Melbourne Food and Wine Festival (MFWF), design studio HASSELL created a scarlet-hued interactive Urban Coffee Farm in Queensbridge Square that encouraged passers-by to consider the origins of their caffeine-rich beverages. This year, the team has been brought back on by MFWF to design another interactive... Read more
Designing for floodplains:
Robert Barker speaks to WAN
NEXT Architects completes
grand folly in Carnisselande
As you will have read in the news over the past few weeks, the United Kingdom has been battered by adverse weather causing widespread flooding. The cost of the damage has been enormous and despite a smattering of sunshine over the weekend, there is more rain forecast for this week. While the practice of working with water has been explored overseas
Former entrant to the WAN 21 for 21 Awards Next Architects has completed a curious folly upon a grassy hill in Carnisselande. Realised in October 2013, the €150,000 structure is a raw steel staircase based on the principal of the Mobius strip, forming a rusty ring of metal that drapes sinuously across the green landscape. The structure has been entitled 'The Elastic Perspective' and its heavy metal form draws ties with the existing infrastructure in the
with positive results, it is still to take off on a major scale in the UK. Michael Hammond spoke to Director of London-based Baca Architects, Robert Barker this week to find out more about the firm's approach to working with, rather than against, water... Click here to listen vicinity, namely a ring road and a tram track. Both transportation routes deposit visitors at the folly to gain elevated views of the Rotterdam skyline. The Elastic Perspective is part of a local art plan for the municipality of Barendrecht and is accessible to the general public. Having been based... Read more
WAN AWARDS Shortlist Announcements
Colour in Architecture Wood in Architecture
In other news... Changes for Ground Zero Performing
Arts Center including a new design
Every day we update WAN with the latest project news, competitions and award entries but we can't be everywhere at once. In order to make sure you, our international readership, don't miss out, the following is a round-up of headlines from other online publications over the past week. Why rising house prices are the 'biggest crisis' for architects and urbanists? Polish-born Joseph Rykwert is the recipient of this year's RIBA Royal Gold Medal in recognition
Last week there was a series of announcements for the Ground Zero Performing Arts Center (PAC). In the interest of moving the long-stalled project forward, executives of the arts center hired David Lan of the Young Vic theatre in London to serve as the center's temporary artistic director. Other changes announced included revising the design of the building,
of 'influential works of architectural criticism and history'. In an interview with Dezeen last week, Rykwert addressed the changing nature of the city and expressed concern over the impact that rising city centre property prices have had on social diversity. He states: "The price of property in city centres is making it impossible, particularly in the big cities, for any kind of social mix to take place. It's, as it were, castrating the whole notion of city life... Read more originally devised by Frank Gehry. Officials for the arts group told the New York Times 'it was a mistake to design the theatre before programing was determined and that they were essentially starting over'. Maggie Boepple, the center's president, said the revised vision for center would be to have three flexible theaters for works of theatre, music and dance. Speaking to The Times last week, Mr. Lan said the vision is a 'world center for... Read more
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