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BIG and DIALOG design new neighbour for Foster + Partners' The Bow
BPO provider TELUS has revealed bold plans for a LEED Platinum, $400m, 750,000 sq m residential, office and retail tower metres from the recently-completed The Bow by Foster + Partners
in Calgary. Immense structures such as these often take time to connect with local residents but
if the comments on a news report from the Calgary Herald are anything to go by, the community has already begun to accept this glittering new addition to their city skyline. BO Kim posted, 'This magnificent jewel redefines the meaning of elegance and prestige on a global scale,' while Tyler Engstrom's honest commentary read, 'Aside from my distaste for TELUS and the demolition of Art Central, I have to say this: Architecture is a big part of what can separate a city from the rest. Calgary is a world class city, and it's about time we started looking like one. This is a fantastic design, and I look forward to it being part of our skyline.' Completion of the TELUS Sky tower is set for autumn 2017 with 155,000 sq ft of the full 430,000 sq ft of office space reserved for TELUS, making the company the largest current... Read more
Top stories this week
1 Paul Chevallier School, Rillieux-la-Pape, Lyon, France
A stunning new school by Tectoniques Architects has been completed in Rillieux-la-Pape, France. Constructed almost entirely out of wood - including a wooden lift shaft - the Paul Chevallier School in the northern suburb of Lyon encompasses both nursery and elementary schools and plans are to install a gym on the same site for use by the pupils and... Read more
2 Santa Roza Tower, Nicosia, Cyprus
For the second time in a week, we're delighted to bring news of an Atkins project in Cyprus; the team has unveiled bold plans for an asymmetical 29-storey tower in Nicosia's new commercial district. The last divided capital in the world, Nicosia has a long and turbulent history dating back to the Bronze Age 2500 BC. A buffer zone... Read more
3 He, Rome, Italy
bam! - Bottega di architettura metropolitana, have recently completed an cheerful installation at the MAXXI in Rome, Italy. 'He' is a complex architectural garden made of a lawn, a big platform and a light volume suspended in front of the concrete walls of MAXXI's galleries. The protagonist of the scene is the large suspended volume, which through its size, colour, the recreational... Read more
4 New Tom Bradley International Terminal, Los Angeles, United States
The Fentress Architects-designed New Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) will open to the public in August, bathing travellers in the glorious Los Angeles sunlight as they embark on their journeys. Following a number of workshops with significant stakeholders, Fentress... Read more
5 UN City, Copenhagen, Denmark
The United Nations (UN) officially has a new home in Copenhagen as today marks the inauguration of UN City, the organisation's new regional head office in Copenhagen. The design has been derived directly from the identity and values that the UN emulates, literally reaching outwards into its surroundings and also metaphorically... Read more
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Product of the Year Facade of the Year
'Architecture is bigger than the designer in the office'
When one thinks of the top design universities, institutions that come to mind usually include SCI-Arc in Los Angeles, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen or ETH in Zurich. Branching away from traditional teaching techniques is the IE School of Architecture, an arm of the award-winning IE University in Madrid, and its unusual approach to study is becoming ever more popular with budding architects and designers across the world.

WAN sat down with Martha Thorne, Associate Dean of External Relations and Javier Quintana, Dean of the School of Architecture and Design to find out what makes this young school so special.

The IE School of Architecture offers a range of study programmes based on the needs of the particular student, from undergraduate degrees through to post-professional programmes. An unusual proportion of the curriculum is taught online, enabling students from around the world to log in to a virtual community where they can share ideas and gain feedback on their work.

The school operates under a unique structure that enables students to engage in internships in the morning and follow a full academic load online in the afternoon, dipping in and out of a working environment to gain a flavour for architectural practice. Active internships are encouraged by many schools of architecture and as Thorne explains: "This kind of unique structure of blended learning allows us to have academics mixed with professional practice or, for the people who are taking post-professional courses, they can study while they work."

Where the IE University truly differentiates itself from the masses is the style of internships that it encourages its students to take. In order to provide a well-rounded education in the field of architecture, the institution recommends its pupils for placements in external fields with links to the architecture industry, such as architecture film and product design.

Quintana details: "We are encouraging people not to always go to an architecture firm but to do other things such as working in a publishing company [in the past these have included numerous Spanish publications, Architects' Journal and Casciani] or at foundations and museums. When we created the school we tried to come up with a model that would fill some gaps in architectural education.

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VOLA sponsors WAN's
House of the Year Award
Vin and Priyanka Rathod:
Melbourne's Gallery of Graffiti
This week sees the launch of WAN AWARDS' longest running category 'House of the Year'. WAN are also proud to announce that Danish icon VOLA are on board as the official sponsor of this category. In collaboration with our sponsor we will be co-hosting an exhibition of the winners work at an exclusive event in London this October. VOLA belongs to the generation of design icons from the Golden Age of Danish Design.
Hosier Lane is a well-known street in Melbourne that has made it to the list of must-see-places in the city. Situated in the city centre, right opposite the National Gallery of Victoria, this narrow back lane has gained a reputation as one of the most important cultural attractions in the city of Melbourne. On an urban planning level, this is a service lane accommodating rear
The Danish architect and designer Arne Jacobsen designed the first VOLA taps and mixers in 1968. VOLA has been at the forefront of the market place for over 45 years and continues to launch new products under the headline 'Celebrating Continuity - Celebrating Change'. The VOLA studio at 32-36 Great Portland Street, W1W 8QX, showcases the brands continuously evolving range of taps and accessories... Read more facades of the surrounding 19th-century brick buildings. Bins, exhaust grills and scaffoldings; you'll find it all here. However, the graffiti and stencil artworks, many by very well-known artists, have the power of turning it into a beautiful walkway, attracting hundreds of curious visitors every day. The artworks in this lane are a mix of graffiti and stencils. Some of them are legal and recorded by the council. They have made the alley... Read more
World's largest building opens in Chengdu
The world's largest building in terms of floor space has been completed in Chengdu. New Century Global Center by the Exhibition and Travel Group is currently undergoing testing prior to an official opening. With two underground levels and 18 storeys above ground, the building has been designed under an oceanic theme with inspiration found in 'floating whales' and 'flying seabirds'.

In the first phase, the East District and Central District of the Global Center were constructed alongside the Central Plaza and a series of underground commercial squares and parking lots, totalling 1,268,000 sq m. The second phase included the construction of a West District of 492,000 sq m including commercial and office facilities and additional underground parking. The construction area of the completed scheme is 1,760,000 sq m - 1,176,000 sq m above ground and 584,000 sq m underground.

The record-breaking development has been recognised by some as a city in itself, having incorporated office units, hotels, catering and leisure amenities, a central plaza, park, underground and above ground commercial options, parking and a large artificial beach.

The New Century Global Center has been split into five specific areas: Paradise Island Ocean Park (250,000 sq m); New Century Shopping Center (300,000 sq m); Central Business Park (720,000 sq m); Intercontinental Crowne Plaza Hotel (over 1,000 guest rooms); and a Mediterranean-style Commercial Town.

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