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Broadway Malyan and Ong & Ong
complete National Heart Centre in Singapore
A £175m National Heart Centre now stands completed in the centre of Singapore, its angular fa├žade panels reflecting the ever-changing sky. Designed by Broadway Malyan with local consultancy Ong & Ong,
the National Heart Centre is a 48,000 sq m facility devised with the principle of 'putting the patient first'.
Singapore-based Director at Broadway Malyan, Ed Baker explains: "Our expert design team wanted to challenge people's perceptions of healthcare and taking the patient experience as our starting point, working in close partnership with the Ministry of Health, we have incorporated the complex, specialist medical needs within an exciting and dramatic space." This 'dramatic space' can be accessed one of two ways: through a formal entranceway set within the institutional frontage; or via a more serene garden at the other end of the complex. This second access point serves as a healing park and waiting area which encapsulates the sense of openness that defines this glittering new healthcare facility. Broadway Malyan and Ong & Ong have sought to maximise natural elements to boost the wellbeing of patients... Read more
Top stories this week
1 Mosque, Unspecified
Nir Ben Natan has unveiled a proposal developed for a meeting with a top dignitary from Qatar last year. In honour of this dignitary's expected arrival, a number of international firms were invited to prepare presentations in order to examine possible economic and cultural cooperation. The specific site of the project has been left unspecified. For the purpose... Read more
2 York House Senior School, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
The York House School in Vancouver has been graced with a new 36,000 sq ft entry point designed by Acton Ostry Architects, connecting the south, north and east wings of the existing school building with a light-filled circulation space. Established in 1932, the independent school for girls is located in a residential neighbourhood... Read more
3 Serpentine Pavilion 2014, London, United Kingdom
The Chilean architect Smiljan Radic has been selected to design the 2014 Serpentine Pavilion in Kensington Gardens, London. Radic will follow in the footsteps of household-name architects such as Zaha Hadid and Frank Gehry, both of whom have constructed temporary pavilions as part of the series, as well as lesser-known figures such... Read more
4 Collection Building, Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, Netherlands
MVRDV's concept for the new €50m Collection Building for the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen has been officially unveiled to the public in an open-air presentation held in the Museumpark and its street-side gallery. The future footprint of the new building was mapped out on the ground... Read more
5 Kénitra High-Speed Railway Station, Kénitra, Morocco
The winning entry for a 10,000 sq m high speed railway station in Kénitra, Morocco has been unveiled by Paris-based Silvio d'Ascia Architecture with Omar Kobité Architecture & Eric Giudice Architects. The trio of practices was awarded first place in the competition to design a new station facility with associated retail amenities.... Read more
Studio Symbiosis
la Biennale di Venezia:
14th International Architecture Exhibition
Studio Symbiosis was founded in 2010 by Amit Gupta and Britta Knobel Gupta, both of whom strongly believe in the creation of spaces that exist in equilibrium with their surroundings. The two founders have combined their diverse cultural backgrounds - one born and educated in India, the other hailing from Germany - to devise a practice that brings together elements of programme, site, context,
This summer, OMA Founder Rem Koolhaas will direct the 14th International Architecture Exhibition, organised by la Biennale di Venezia, with a trio of interlocking exhibitions at the Central Pavilion, the National Pavilions and the Arsenale in Venice. With 65 nationalities hosting their own pavilions curated by home-grown talent - 11 of which will be participating in the International
landscape and climate into coherent designs that resonate with the term 'symbiosis'. In the following interview, Amit and Britta give their views on...
Global firms practicing in India - As an international practice working in India the opportunities we are presented with are unique. There is a tremendous growth taking place in India which means we are involved in projects of various scales and sectors ranging from Hospitality, Housing, Master Plans, offices, villas, Interiors etc. India is in a stage of flux. The projects in India move at a very rapid pace and for this reason we are spending a lot of... Read more
Architecture Exhibition for the first time, including the United Arab Emirates and the Dominican Republic - this promises to be one of the most engaging Biennales to date. 'Architecture, not architects' is the underlying pledge of Koolhaas' event, moving on from years of celebrating contemporary design and the bolstering of practice profiles to a deep-seated analysis of how architecture has arrived at its current state. Rather than dissecting examples of modern design, Koolhaas will examine the evolution of the architecture profession through three exhibitions - Absorbing... Read more
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Adaptive Reuse Commercial Sector
In other news... Daniel Libeskind: "I never had a goal"
Following the realisation of Jean Nouvel's long-awaited One Central Park in Sydney, Australia, Reuters visited the verdant new plot with a film crew in tow to capture video footage of the project in action. This is no ordinary residential urban scheme however as Jason Langer of the Robert Bird Group explains in the video below. On finding that areas of the project site were somewhat devoid of natural light, the Robert Bird Group took it upon itself to 'create its own sun'.
Weekly interview magazine The Talks has branched out into the realms of architecture, releasing this comprehensive discussion with Daniel Libeskind...
Mr. Libeskind, Goethe compared architecture to frozen music and said that "the tone of mind produced by architecture approaches the effect of music." Do you agree?
Oh, absolutely! Architecture is not just an intellectual or abstract exercise,
To do so, an array of mirrors was inserted onto the roof of the smaller building to reflect sunlight onto a heliostat projecting from the taller building. This sunlight was then projected down into a new public plaza and park and through a glass ceiling to illuminate a shopping mall below. Langer notes that while his team found several examples of past projects where sunlight... Read more it is an emotional experience just as music is. It is very precise, it cannot be off by one half of a vibration because everyone would know that it doesn't sound right. It has to communicate to the soul and everybody has to share it in a deep emotional way. It is always about a performance and what happens after the performance. When you leave a building, it is like leaving... Read more
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