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Miniature slit windows grace asymmetric roof of new market hall in Ghent
This exquisite market hall in Ghent, Belgium is the work of a partnership between Robbrecht en Daem Architecten and Marie-Jose Van Hee Architecten. The barbed structure spikes across a 24,000 sq m
site formerly home to a desolate parking lot in the centre of Ghent, commanding the space between
the spires of St Nicholas Church, the Belfry and a Cathedral. Designed to encourage local residents to convene in the market square for social gatherings and public events, the pavilion above ground marks the location of the brasserie, bicycle park and public toilets below ground, accessible through a new lower 'green'. The market hall above hosts a plethora of events and the official opening saw hundreds cram underneath its up-lit folds. Breathtaking images of the recently-completed structure have been storming the internet and the responses from locals and architecture enthusiasts have been mixed. K.G. wrote to online portal Dezeen: "I live only 200m away from this building. It is heavy and big indeed, they used to [sic] many materials. It's very pretentious and too expensive. It has no function... Read more
Top stories this week
1 Lenbachhaus Museum, Munich, Germany
A ceremony was held yesterday, attended by German Culture Minister, Mrs Wanka; the Mayor of Munich, Mr Ude; Lord Foster and Dr Helmut Friedl, Director of the Lenbachhaus Museum, to mark the completion of a major project to transform the experience for visitors designed by Foster + Partners. The Lenbachhaus Museum's... Read more
2 One Yonge, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
One Yonge is a mixed-use development of six high rise towers on the junction where the longest street in North America, Yonge Street, meets Lake Ontario. Designed by Hariri Pontarini Architects, the cluster of towers will rise above the existing Toronto Star building onsite, elongating it by 10 storeys and recladding the façade in a glittering... Read more
3 Super Market, Sanya Lake Park, Hong Kong
Retail is a burgeoning sector in the AEC industry and we regularly get sent inventive shop designs where creative architects and designers have thought outside the box to ignite intrigue in passers-by, drawing them into newly-crafted retail venues. In 2010 we featured Bohlin Cywinski Jackson's Apple Store in Pudong and more recently Mangera Yvars... Read more
4 Juvia, Miami, United States
Venezuelan architect and interior designer Alejandro Barrios-Carrero has won the James Beard Foundation Award for Outstanding Restaurant Design for his firm's design of Juvia. The 10,000 sq ft indoor/outdoor restaurant, owned by Jonas and Alexandria Millan is located on the penthouse level of 1111 Lincoln Road, Miami. It features an innovative... Read more
5 Madla-Revheim Masterplan, Stavanger, Norway
Alongside three other teams, MVRDV and Space Group have presented their proposal for a new masterplan for Madla-Revheim outside Stavanger, Norway this week. Madla-Revheim is the main development area outside Stavanger, and MVRDV and Space Group have suggested 4,000 housing units on the 780-acre site area, in addition to public... Read more
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Interview: Jenni Reuter, Hollmén Reuter Sandman Architects
Jenni Reuter is an architect from Finland and part of Hollmén Reuter Sandman Architects. She has been a strong proponent of working with neglected and marginalized peoples, encouraging these communities to create an architectural expression of their own which is locally rooted, participatory and affordable to the very people it serves. Jenni also teaches at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture in, Helsinki, Finland. Jenni was
in Mumbai for 361 Degrees conference where WAN's Mumbai correspondent Pallavi Shrivastava had an opportuniy to speak to her. Edited excerpts from the interview:

How and when did you decide to become an architect and growing up as an architectural professional whose work inspired you in forming your own philosophy and creative style in architectural expression?

When I was young and thinking of what to start studying I was interested in many different fields and wasn't at all sure that architecture was my thing. But when I started studying, having really inspiring teachers such as Juhani Pallasmaa I understood that the field is so broad that you can combine very many interests in the same profession.

Tell us a little bit about your architecture practice (its goals and vision) and any inspiring projects along the journey that led to the formation of Ukumbi NGO?

We, the Finnish architects Saija Hollmén (born 1970), Jenni Reuter (born 1972) and Helena Sandman (born 1972) started our collaboration in 1995 with the Women's Centre project in Senegal. After the completion of the Women's Centre in 2001 we understood that the fundraising for these type of projects is possible only through an NGO.

Ukumbi is a Finnish non-governmental organization established in 2007. The word Ukumbi is Swahili and it means a forum, veranda and a meeting place for dialogue and interaction. Our mission is to offer architectural services to communities in need. Our architectural strategy employs the use of local and traditional building techniques and customs during the planning and the construction process. Ukumbi empowers communities by involving them in the design process. Our projects are ecologically sustainable, using locally manufactured, recycled or grown building materials whenever possible.

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Inside Architects' Houses:
Miguel Rivera, Miró Rivera Architects
CINTEC Worldwide restores
4,600-year-old Pyramid of Djoser
There are few projects more intriguing than the private residence of an architect, designed or renovated by the owner. Miguel Rivera of Austin-based Miro Rivera Architects has been kind enough to open up his home to WAN readers with a series of stunning images that demonstrate the sensitivity and finesse that have won the practice so much praise. The original bungalow that forms the core of Rivera's home was constructed in 1917 with modest rooms
Leading international engineering and preservation firm CINTEC Worldwide has completed a complex restoration project at the Pyramid of Djoser in Egypt. The company was called upon by the High Council of Egyptian Antiquities after the pyramid - which was completed in 27th century BC - was threatened by collapse. The Pyramid of Djoser is a step pyramid and was built by the vizier Imhotep for Pharaoh Djoser. It originally comprised of six mastabas
and small windows. In a recent renovation project, the architect stripped this back and brought in modern innovations in product design to integrate the largest glass panes available into the bungalow's façade. A new wing opens out onto a backyard pool area with floor-to-ceiling sliding glass panes, unfolding the building to the outside space. This wing has been... Read more (rectangular, flat-roofed tombs) stacked in decreasing size to a height of 62m. Clad in polished white limestone the pyramid measured 109m x 125m at the base and was designed to facilitate the Pharaoh Djoser to a successful afterlife. Beneath the pyramid structure is a 6km network of tunnels. French architect Jean-Phillipe Lauer was the... Read more
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