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20 February 2018
Issue 678
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Lighting up Richmond’s arts district
Opening on April 21, 2018, the Institute for Contemporary Art at Virginia Commonwealth University, USA, will be the first contemporary museum in Richmond, anchoring one of the city’s busiest junctures and vibrant
arts district. Designed by Steven Holl the ICA will bring a vital new dimension to the research university
also serving residents and the global arts community. Spanning 41,000 sq ft, the building comprises fluid exhibition and programming spaces across its three levels, and is capable of housing a wide range of multi-media installations. Keeping with Virginia Commonwealth University’s emphasis on sustainability, the building incorporates state-of-the-art green technologies. Integral features of the building include a 240-seat auditorium, café, four green roofs, classrooms, art storage facilities, a fabrication workshop, a terrace and catering kitchen. The open design of the ICA features dynamic exhibition and programming spaces that can be creatively activated to support widely varied forms of contemporary art. The glass walls and windows create continuity between the interior and exterior spaces... read more
Top stories this week
1 Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum hits the top
Developers Louis Birdman, Gregg Covin, Kevin Venger and Regalia Group along with New York-based Plaza Construction announced this week that the highly anticipated One Thousand Museum by Zaha Hadid Architects has topped out. The 62-storey tower with 83 half and full-floor residences marks the late Pritzker Prize winner’s first and final residential skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere. This milestone is paired... read more
2 Dar designs Old Street Circus in London
Dar has been longlisted for the prestigious redesign of the iconic Old Street Roundabout in London. Dar’s design is to create a diverse, vibrant landmark for London called Old Street Circus. The design reclaims the roundabout for the people of London to create a thriving, active, healthy, safe and inclusive urban community green space that draws in, connects and captivates, giving people good reasons to visit. Old Street Circus would create... read more
3 Skipping from
level to level
Designed by KDDH, the ‘Slow House’ is located in Ulsan, South Korea. It is situated on a rectangular site facing the foot of Mt. Hwangbang. Since it is expected that there will be a lot of traffic and mountain climbers in the area, it was necessary to design a building which protects user privacy. Therefore, the design was started with the intention of separating a private area from a public area. First, the shape of the mass was decided as a form... read more
4 Zigzag rooftops pierce the sky in Canada
Negotiating the steep topography of a lake-side site, this holiday house, designed by Julia Jamrozik and Coryn Kempster consists of two volumes stacked on one another. The lower volume nestles into the landscape so that it is barely visible as one first approaches the house. The upper volume rests on the lower one and on a concrete pier to form both a bridge and a cantilever. This massing strategy allows for increased access... read more
5 WAN AWARDS London Ceremony: Thurs 28 Feb
Architects, designers and clients responsible for some of the best projects created across the globe during 2017 will gather at the London Marriott Hotel Grosvenor Square on the evening of Wed 28th February 2018. We are thrilled to announce that the ceremony will be presented by Suzannah Lipscomb, historian, author, broadcaster, and award-winning academic. Join us for a three course dinner, exhibition of shortlisted work, awards... read more
The times they are a-changin'... Reinventing an industrial past
Shoptalk’s Michael Hammond interviews Gordon Wright, Senior Vice President, Director of Workplace Global, HOK about their recently published report, The New Financial Workplace. Gordon’s team have researched and amassed a huge of amount data to try and navigate a way forward in the design of workplaces in this volatile sector. Encompassing diverse topics such as talent wars, VR, changing metrics, neighbourhood-base Choice environments, Block Chain, human habits and beach towel syndrome! HOK’s clients have included Nasdaq, Harris Bank, Sun Life Financial, Union Bank and Scotiabank... read more
A new housing scheme on Sutherland Road in Walthamstow, north east London, has recently completed, providing 59 affordable homes, and features a shared communal garden and health centre. Developed by L&Q and designed by Levitt Bernstein, the project has transformed a derelict industrial site into a new residential community. The scheme takes the form of a courtyard, with larger, four or five storey buildings to the south and east, falling to smaller, two storey mews houses at the west and a two storey health centre to the north. The aesthetic takes its cue from the industrial setting... read more
Most read story of the month
The world’s first super-black
building steps into the light
London-based architecture practice Asif Khan have unveiled their latest project, a super-black pavilion entirely coated in Vantablack VBx2 at the PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018 in South Korea. The building’s exterior is illuminated by a field of stars that appear to float in mid-air. Hyundai Motor has commissioned the pavilion as part of a global mobility initiative. The structure’s 10-metre-high parabolic facades are coated with a super black material: Vantablack VBx2, a derivative of the original Vantablack, making it the world’s largest continuous nanostructure. The matt black material is able to absorb 99% of the light that hits its surface, diminishing its three dimensionality and creating the illusion of a startling black void in broad daylight. The facades of the pavilion are punctuated by thousands of tiny white lights which, during the day, simulate the view into space from that point on earth. Inside the 35m x 35m structure, Khan has designed a vast ‘water room’ – a multi-sensory hydrophobic water installation which emits 25,000 singular water droplets every minute. Visitor interaction with a series of haptic sensors creates new rhythms as droplets continually collide, join, and split across the water landscape, which appears like a city viewed from space. These flows of individual droplets collect, grow and build into a ‘lake’ which drains and reappears in the space of minutes... read more
Creating a crossroads in Amsterdam Amphitheatre meets bridge on Kalix River
Team Crossroads is the winner of the biggest ever Amsterdam housing construction tender. With a specification of over 30,000 sq m, Crossroads responds to the ever-growing demand for good, sustainable and affordable homes in the Randstad, the Dutch megalopolis. With its polder roofs and green terraces and façades, Crossroads sets out to create a more environmentally friendly Amsterdam. Crossroads realizes an unprecedented urban quality thanks to its beautiful architectural profile. Due to its modular structure, the tower has optimum flexibility and differentiation. In addition, it will house public facilities aimed at the neighbourhood as well as residents. Spatial quality and ensuring social safety are key design drivers. The overall concept with... read more
The Swedish Traffic Administration has commissioned Erik Andersson Architects to design a proposal for a new bridge over Kalix River in Sweden. More than a mere crossing, the proposed bridge introduces a new public space where people can enjoy the sun and get closer to the water. It will also provide shelter from the elements thanks to a protected walkway. The existing bridge over Kalix River will be replaced by a new one in 2019. As part of the initial design process, The Swedish Traffic Administration wanted to look into the possibility of introducing new features to the upcoming bridge, making it a central gathering place for the residents of Kalix. As a solution, Erik Andersson Architects came up with a proposal... read more
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