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25 September 2018
Issue 708
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Streets ahead…
Utopia or total transport breakdown? These two extremes were both cited as possibilities at the world’s first forum of city leaders and architects tasked with assessing the impact of autonomous vehicles
on cities. We all know the sales pitch for autonomous vehicles; Utopia is at last within reach; pollution
free bubbles zipping around our cities without making a sound taking our kids to school while we cycle to work breathing in clean air without a care in the world… Well think again. This could get messy. We could be heading for a total transport system failure. London played host to city leaders from New York, Washington, Amsterdam, Vienna and Milan last week. The agenda for the session was for the city representatives to study a manifesto produced by an international task force of architects, engineers and planning experts, and feed-back their own perception and experience. During an intense closed-door session, the city leaders shared their challenges and successes with members of the task force. These ranged from too many bikes (Amsterdam), public resistance when taking out cars from a city built almost... read more
Top stories this week
1 M City hits the heights
Following the unprecedented successes of M City’s first two towers, M1 and M2, Rogers Real Estate Development, Mayor Bonnie Crombie and the M City team unveiled plans for a third tower along the western edge of Mississauga’s emerging downtown in Canada. Designed by acclaimed Canadian firm IBI Group, M3 will soar to 81 stories, making it the tallest tower in Mississauga by a significant margin, and one of the... read more
2 At one with the elements
Set amongst idyllic white sand beaches and coconut groves, this low-key beach home was conceived to give its inhabitants not only a visual but also a literal connection to the sand and water where it belongs. Horizontal roof planes create large indoor-outdoor spaces that integrate seamlessly and diffuse the perception of the home with its surrounding natural environment. Lightness and materiality are used to create a feeling... read more
3 82 teams proceed to final stage of Reinventing Cities
31 under-utilized spaces in 12 global cities are one step closer to being transformed into new beacons of sustainability and resiliency. Today, C40 Cities announced the 82 teams of architects, urban planners, developers, entrepreneurs, environmentalists, start-upers and neighbourhood collectives, that will compete in the final round of the Reinventing Cities competition in each... read more
4 Foster + Partners break ground in Shanghai
The first office tower to be built in the newly regenerated Suhewan area of Shanghai broke ground last week. The 200-metre signature tower for China Resources Land forms the centrepiece of the Suhewan East Urban Complex, which aims to introduce a richer mix of functions to the predominantly residential area of the city. The development is part of the city’s 2020 vision of drawing development... read more
5 PLP adds some shine to Milan’s Unilever Tower
London-based practice PLP Architecture has been commissioned by Italian real estate investment and asset management company COIMA SGR to reinvigorate the historic Unilever Tower in Milan and in the process provide a new contemporary office space. The practice’s plans also include the design of a new, smaller gateway building to the east of the tower and enhanced exterior space... read more
A multi-purpose offering from Benoy A tile for all seasons
Benoy has announced its second project with Hong Kong China Travel Service (HKCTS) - the Ningbo ‘If mall’, a future community-focused retail and commercial destination whose design has been recently unveiled to the public. The development is situated in the Jiangbei district of Ningbo on a plot bordered by the well-known Changxing Road, Hongtu Road and West North Ring Road. Positioned as a premium community retail and business centre, Ningbo If mall will be a showcase space for international and local brands as well as offer commercial and leisure environments. Benoy’s design is comprised of three major blocks covering an approximate GFA of 46,000 sq m. The planning regulations required strong interfacing with the surrounding urban areas... read more
As cities across the globe are being forced to cope with an ever changing climate and the conditions that result this new product offers a convienient adaptation solution. On a 50 m pavement stretch at Nørrebro in Copenhagen you can now walk on water. A pilot sidewalk for the innovative climate adaptation project The Climate Tile is now laid out in front of Café Heimdalsgade22, to the delight of guests and residents in the street. The project will be inaugurated September 27th by the City of Copenhagen’s Mayor of Technical and Environmental Affairs. The Climate Tile pilot sidewalk not only contributes to the street’s climate adaptation, but it also adds further qualities in terms of trees and planting, spaces for stay... read more
Most read story of the month
David Chipperfield Architects
complete in Duke Street
A new entrance building and a 5,000 sq m accessories hall, which together comprise the Selfridges Duke Street, project in central London is now complete. Designed by David Chipperfield Architects Ltd the project covers the entire east wing of the ground floor in the Oxford Street flagship store and seeks to establish a singular identity for the department store through a cohesive architectural framework. The new entrance unites Selfridges’ two historic buildings and creates a new continuous floor plane for the new accessories hall. Commenting on the completed project David Chipperfield says: “Selfridges has a deep understanding of the architectural heritage and urban presence of the department store, as well as a clear vision for the future of luxury retail. Our task was to unite these elements while stitching together various buildings along Duke Street. “Externally, we have sought to reinforce the civic function of the store with a grand new entrance. Internally, we have established a sense of coherence between the brand concessions, and reasserted a hierarchy under the strong neo-classical architectural elements of the ... read more
A new gateway for Delft
Arriving in Delft is an unforgettable experience. From the outset, Mecanoo’s idea was to design a station that makes it clear to visitors that they have arrived in Delft. The station, in combination with the new city hall, sits atop a new train tunnel built in place of the old concrete viaduct that divided the city in two since 1965. Coming up the escalators, the impressive ceiling with the historic map of Delft unfolds. When you look outside, you see the city and the old station as a contemporary version of Johannes Vermeer’s painting 'View of Delft’. The city of Delft reflects its past: the multitude of historic buildings and canals; the ‘Prinsenstad’ city, closely connected to the Dutch Royal Family; and, of course, the world famous Delftware ceramic factories. On the other hand, the Delft University of Technology is at the forefront of technical innovation. The character of Delft, epitomised in this combination of past and future, was the starting point for the design. A vaulted ceiling features an enormous historic 1877 map of Delft and its surroundings, connecting the station with the city hall. Within the station hall, walls and columns are adorned with a contemporary re-interpretation of Delft Blue tiles. You can walk directly... read more
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