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Swirling Art and Science Pavilions unfold for 8th Chinese Flower Expo in Wujin
Throughout October, the edges of West Tai-hu Lake in Wujin erupted into blooms of colour as botanists, horticulturalists and members of the public flocked to the site to enjoy the 8th Chinese Flower Expo.
Two curvilinear structures by LAB Architecture Studio in collaboration with Chris Yiu-hang Chan &
Stephanie Mee-lee Tan were heralded as the centerpieces of the EXPO; the Art Exhibition Pavilion and the Science Exhibition Pavilion. Described by the architects as an experiment of 'the tension between the natural landscape and the iconic culture body [sic]', the two pavilions 'explores the aesthetics of the relationship between the water and the petal'. The resulting volumes are undulating swathes of transparent film, glistening on the edges of the lake. This ETFE weatherproof membrane swoops over tri grid steel members with more than 8,000 control points to create two visually arresting pavilions that offer both sheltered, open-air space and quiet interior volumes. Both pavilions offer two storeys of exhibition space and engage with passive ventilation techniques to reduce energy demands... Read more
Top stories this week
1 League of Shadows, SCI-Arc, Los Angeles, United States
Perched proudly at the edge of SCI-Arc’s parking lot in Los Angeles is a permanent graduation space designed by LA-based architecture studio P-A-T-T-E-R-N-S. In an effort to avoid the ‘temporary’ feel of a standard pavilion, the structure, known as League of Shadows, has been designed to develop the relationship between the... Read more
2 Maggie's Aberdeen, Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom
Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres are places of refuge and escape for people dealing with cancer, be they the patient or friends and family members of someone dealing with cancer. Often located near busy NHS buildings, these tranquil centres always have a kitchen table at their core and a number of... Read more
3 Sokol Blosser Winery, Dayton, Oregon, United States
The Sokol Blosser family has been producing exceptional wines using environmentally-sensitive techniques in Oregon, US for more than 40 years and has just celebrated the completion of a new venue for visitors to enjoy wine tasting, courtesy of Allied Works Architecture. Nestled on a knoll at the 120-acre property, the 6,000 sq ft tasting room ... Read more
4 EXPO-2017, Astana, Kazakhstan
A team comprising Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (AS+GG), Werner Sobek and PositivEnergy Practice (PEP) have been announced as the winners of a high profile international competition to masterplan the EXPO 2017 site in Astana, Kazakhstan. The two-phase project involves the construction of a comprehensive... Read more
5 World Trade Center Concourse
With the opening last Thursday of the World Trade Center Concourse, a vital underground passageway closed since 9/11 that connects the Calatrava-designed WTC transit hub to the Winter Garden and the Hudson River, commuters will find it easier and more pleasant to get around this pedestrian-thick area of Lower... Read more
WAN AWARD winners revealed
Landscape Award Buro Happold Effectiveness Award
What's old is new again: New possibilities in wooden architecture
In the lead in to his recent book Wood Architecture Now by forward-thinking publisher Taschen, architectural historian Philip Jodidio summarizes the possibilities of wood as an architectural material: “Wood is sustainable, solid and attractive. It can be bent and shaped to the most modern of designs.” Indeed the possibilities for wood seem endless. As the material of the moment for contemporary architecture, World Architecture News is celebrating
wood and its new and dynamic uses with an inaugural Wood in Architecture Award.

At our tremendously successful World Architecture Day 2013 event in New York City, architects from across the globe came together to discuss the world’s housing crisis. According to current projections, by the year 2035, 3 billion homes will be needed, which amounts to the construction of 100,000 a day. This is good news for architects and also for the wood industry, as this is the dominant material for residential construction

While concrete and steel have their enthusiastic supporters - and rightly so - these materials combined account for 5-8% of the total greenhouse gases emitted globally, making wood an attractive choice for the sustainable set who want to green the planet and push the envelope in this arena. But aside from sustainability, new processes like cnc milling and other computer-driven design and manufacturing techniques are showcasing wood in new and interesting ways that speak to new possibilities.

One such possibility that has the Twitter stream abuzz is the idea that we will someday soon have tall towers built of wood. In reputable schools across the world, including at Yale University in the United States and some in Great Britain, a serious discussion about timber towers is taking the profession by storm and making headlines in respected publications like the New York Times.

Historically speaking, wood buildings have been limited to 9 storeys. Yet Michael Green, an architect in Vancouver, who is currently designing a 90ft-tall mixed-use building in British Columbia, and tall building specialist Skidmore Owings & Merrill (SOM), which is leading a study on timber tower research, are predicting that it’s possible to take engineered wood to far greater heights, possibly beyond 42 storeys. It’s no longer a question of if we will see wooden skyscrapers in our future but when.

Read more
Madison Square Garden unveils $1bn
arena transformation by BBB Architects
Alan Cronshaw reviews
Ditchling Museum of Art+Craft
On 24 October, executives from Madison Square Garden, together with sporting legends, swimsuit models, actors and musicians, unveiled a three year top down billion transformation of what is widely considered to be the most storied sports arena in the country. The renovation goes far beyond a mere ‘dusting off' or 'updating' of the venue with new skybridges installed that will
Ditchling, the setting for the BBC series A Very English Village, it is not necessarily the place you expect to find a bold new piece of museum design. But in September 2013, when Adam Richards Architects' refurbishment of Ditchling Museum of Art + Craft was opened to the public, this small village nestled behind the South Downs became a destination on the contemporary architectural
put the fans closer to the action, providing them with comfortable, VIP seating with unobstructed views. Those bridges, named Chase bridges after the banking giant, are a nod to New York’s suspension bridges. The two bridges, north and south, are suspended from the Garden’s ceiling by steel tube hangers. First class food and beverage options are steps away from the seats, including MSG Signature options from local top chefs and restauranteurs like Jean Georges. The bridges with... Read more map. The addition to the village is appropriately highly crafted inside and out, the limited budget of around £1.1m ingeniously used to re-invigorate existing buildings and add new elements. In the early 20th Century Ditchling was an important centre for the applied arts; home to the Guild of St Joseph and St Dominic, it is this that the Museum celebrates. The most well known of these artists is probably sculptor, letterer, typographer and founder of the group Eric Gill, whose name lives on in every... Read more
Steven Holl Architects wins competition for
Culture and Art Center of Qingdao City, China

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