WAN Urban Challenge
On 12th September 2017, World Architecture News (WAN) and New London Architecture (NLA) will host the London Housing Symposium, at which an international task force will publish radical proposals on how to fix the Capital’s rapidly deepening housing crisis. The event will take place at New London Architecture from 6pm. Here’s why you need to be there…
The proposals being put forward on the 12th September will fundamentally challenge the current planning process. This is a unique opportunity for architects to comment on these new ideas for gearing up the delivery of new homes whilst increasing quality with density.
As part of a global initiative, WAN’s Urban Challenge 17, sets out to draw in experience from other cities and apply this to London. Since February this year, 25 leading professionals from across the architectural, planning, engineering, finance, governance and construction sectors have been collaborating on possible solutions for London, drawing on their extensive international experience to explore how their diverse experience could be applied to London.
Since 23rd May, WAN (now part of Haymarket Media) has been distilling these ideas and proposals into a Manifesto for Change, which we will submit to the London Assembly at City Hall prior to 12th September.
The Manifesto will then be presented at the London Housing Symposium by Peter Murray, followed by what will without doubt be a highly charged panel discussion and Q&A. An opportunity for networking will be provided by a drinks reception where delegates can continue their exchange of ideas on vital issues.
There can be no underestimating the gravity of the situation we face. Recent figures from the Office for National Statistics show that the net outflow of people from London has almost doubled since 2012, many driven out by price and scarcity of decent housing. Additionally, the tragic events at Grenfell Tower will now quite rightly put safety and living standards under scrutiny as never before.
The London Housing Symposium on 12th September is your opportunity to help shape a more positive outcome for London and its residents.
Book before 31st July 2017 to take advantage of our early bird discount price of £60, and ensure your place at this pivotal industry event.
For further details please contact tessa.schubert@haymarket.com
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