Interest in Bancroft's trilogy, featuring London Architect Rob Gilbert, is hotting up as the final book, Deadline nears completion and speculation is rife about a possible movie. The exciting app, fusing a range of media, will pave the way for a series of products and publications designed for mobile platforms, brought to you exclusively by WAN.
App Features
Release 1.
Over eight hours of gripping entertainment

Release 2. (no extra charge)
– Exclusive plot notes and
interviews with the author
– Director's cuts and video
clips from the trailer filming

The Architect can be downloaded direct to your iPhone, simply search for The Architect, or Charles Bancroft at the App Store.

Note: The Audiobook features over eight hours of compelling audio (438mb), so we recommend only downloading the app when your device is connected to the Internet by a wireless connection.

Cost £9.99 GBP

Nessa Wrafter as the enigmatic Angelika;
Simon James Morgan as colourful London architect, Rob Gilbert. Photography: Pete Jones