Another success story from WAN Tender Alerts
Issue No.001 // 09 May 2011
£251m Extreme Light Infrastructure Facility in the Czech Republic won by BLFS

This project is now being executed by Bogle Architects, founded by Ian Bogle in 2012 .

Ian Bogle, Project Director at BFLS got first sight of the project on his daily WAN Tender Alerts, he told us exclusively this week: "I clearly remember seeing it come in and saying, that's the one we're going to win..." Even in this financial climate, there are jobs out there and WAN Tender Alerts are delivering around 25 opportunities every day.
BFLS is one of a growing number of practices relying on WAN to provide a consistent source of international leads for projects, Ian Bogle adds: "We had looked at other services but settled on WAN as it delivers what we need, it's the only service we currently use."
Over the last year WAN Tender Alerts have issued 8,700 tenders from over 190 countries.
The WAN Tender Alerts service is constantly being upgraded in response to customer feedback and to further enhance and benefit your business. Some of the recent improvements are listed here:
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*independent market research study **coming soon
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Image courtesy of BLFS
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