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Through our global network, ECOWAN will provide a one stop resource for the 21st century architect, with up-to-the-minute news on the latest developments in sustainability. From new products and materials, through showcases of the best in architecture to urban design, debates and events.
GCoM-SA and C40 cities Tech Spot #99: Hi-tech green energy Resilient by Design Cape Town Storkeengen Sustainable buildings

Hassell and MVRDV entered Resilient by Design's Bay Area Challenge ideas contest with the aim of protecting San Francisco and its region from the negative effects of climate change and natural disasters

MVRDV in the HASSELL+ team (HASSELL, Deltares, Goudappel, Lotus Water, Hatch, Civic Edge, Idyllist and Page & Turnbull) are through to the next phase of the Resilient by Design Bay Area Challenge with the allocated... more

The coastal city of Cape Town in South Africa urgently needs to control water usage as cities across the globe deal with effects of climate change and its growing influence on urban design

Cape Town, in the Western Cape of South Africa, has issued new water restrictions as the city comes close to completely running out of water. Cape Town officials anticipate the city’s water supply will possibly cut off due to drought on April 12 — otherwise known as “Day Zero.”... more

Like many other towns across the globe Randers is threatened by climate change, this project from C.F. Møller aims to curb its effects

’Storkeengen’ (Stork Meadow) is a new landscape project that, like an architectural multi-tool, creates cloudburst and storm flood protection, strengthens urban nature and brings the town of Randers in Denmark even closer to the Gudenå River. In cooperation with Orbicon, C.F. Møller Landscape has developed the project for Randers Municipality and Vandmiljø Randers. The project's technical... more

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Date Project Description
25/05/18 GCoM-SA and C40 cities The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy 
08/02/18 Tech Spot #99: Hi-tech green energy Gravitricity 
01/02/18 Resilient by Design HASSELL, MVRDV, Climate Change 
25/01/18 Cape Town Cape Town, drought 
05/01/18 Storkeengen C.F. Møller Landscape 
28/09/17 Sustainable buildings European Commission  
24/03/17 The SHADOWMAKER Bamboo, Cambodia, Pavilion, Festival 
26/10/16 Biomedical Sciences and Engineering Education Facility Cooper Carry, Lake/Flato, Laboratory, Sustainability, USG, Universities at Shady Grove, STEMM 
24/08/16 Ocean Eye – A Terrace House Benjamin Garcia Saxe 
04/08/16 Frick Environmental Center Bohlin Cywinski Jackson 
04/12/15 Casa Nirau small house sustainable water efficiency eco effective 
18/06/15 Medibank Place  
18/06/15 La Grande Passerelle Cultural hub, media library, art-house cinema, media centre, photovoltaic 
17/06/15 World Health Organisation New Building Solar power, rainwater harvesting, double-layer façade 
17/06/15 Keynsham Civic Centre DEC A rating, council offices, civic facilities, public realm, library, carbon neutral 
21/05/15 POP Brixton Pop Brixton, London, Carl Turner Architects 
19/05/15 Field School Education, sustainability, Jonathan Levi Architect 
15/05/15 BIO4 biomass unit Gottlieb Paludan, BIO4, Amgerværket CHP plant, Copenhagen, Copenhagen Utility, Copenhagen Local Authority, 
13/04/15 Bee’ah headquarters Zaha Hadid, Bee’ah Headquarters, Sharjah, UAE 
09/04/15 Tmat Boey Eco-lodge Tmat Boey Eco-lodge, Atelier Cole, Cambodia, Kulen Promtep Sanctuary, Wildlife Conservation Society, Building Trust, Sam Veasna Center, WCS, SVC, BTI