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Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects takes third place in Port of Kinmen competition

LOHA’s port proposal for the island of Kinmen, Taiwan, draws upon its community’s rich history of cultural collaboration and natural connectivity, intertwining ferry passenger operations with a public park that may serve as an iconic gateway and enduring infrastructure for island residents and their guests. Conceptualised as both a landscape and a building, the port seeks to combine a waterfront park with a transport terminal. This creates a unique parkscape for users. To preserve Kinmen’s relationship... more

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Date Project Description
20/06/14 Crescent McKinney and Olive Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects-designed 530,000 sq ft office development destined for Dalla 
20/06/14 Museo de Ciencias Ambientales (MCA) MET Studio to masterplan and design three galleries at Museo de Ciencias Ambientales 
20/06/14 The CUBE The CUBE at Kobi Karp-designed Miami building employs tintable SageGlass 
18/06/14 Vietnamese-German University Campus Phase I of Vietnamese-German University Campus to be completed by November 2017 
18/06/14 Al Farjan Recreational Sports Facilities Desert flowers inspire protective canopys at Al Farjan Recreational Sports Facilities 
18/06/14 Legacy ER-Allen 5G Studio Collaborative leave their legacy on Allen with zinc-clad healthcare centre 
17/06/14 Urban Skyfarm Brooklyn-based firm wins recognition with ambitious Urban Skyfarm concept for Seoul 
17/06/14 Hankook Technodome Hankook Tire embarks on expansion with R&D facility designed by Foster + Partners 
17/06/14 RMIT Vietnam, Academic Building 2 Pentago Spowers expands Saigon South Campus to support international demand 
13/06/14 Brick House LETH & GORI use one key building material to create a house to last for five generations 
12/06/14 Phoenix Towers Interdependent 1km towers blend Western technology with Chinese tradition & culture 
12/06/14 InsectCity and the BuzzBuilding  
11/06/14 The Vibeeng School Low energy class 1 school completed in Haslev by Arkitema Architects 
11/06/14 Cloud Computing Park Interlocking modular buildings form resilient IT Park in affluent Chinese city of Karamay 
06/06/14 Zhejiang University School of Management Zhejiang University School of Management reflects changing attitudes to learning 
04/06/14 Mariners Harbor Library  
04/06/14 Heathrow Terminal 2 Heathrow Terminal 2 opens at 10% capacity for three weeks as part of staged launch 
03/06/14 Port of Kinmen Passenger Service Center Lorcan O’Herlihy Architects takes third place in Port of Kinmen competition 
30/05/14 Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Centre Atelier COLE and BTI complete kiosk at Bear Rescue Centre during two-week workshop 
29/05/14 Marbella Indian design firm takes inspiration from Spanish city for residential community