As we reach the culmination of another highly successful year of the WAN AWARDS, we are delighted to announce the launch of a new category: Sustainable Building of the Year. Part of the ECOWAN programme, which showcases developments in environmentally-conscious design and construction techniques, the award celebrates projects that have embraced sustainability without compromising on design integrity.

Open to all buildings completed on or after 01 January 2009, we are inviting submissions from six categories: Education, Healthcare, Civic Buildings, Urban Design, Commercial, Residential

(from left to right)
Jerry Tate, Jerry Tate Architects
Michael Beaven, Arup Associates
Alan Ford, Architect
Sofie Pelsmakers, Architect & Environmental Designer

The deadline for receipt of submissions is 31 December 2012. But you can take advantage of reduced entry fees by registering your interest earlier - register on or before 30 November 2012 and you'll receive an impressive 15% discount. (no need to submit your entry until 31 December)

So, if you think your project has got what it takes to win this prestigious accolade, register today!

To find out more, contact James Forryan on, call +44 (0)1273 648935 or click here.
Image: Hearst Tower, New York, United States, Foster + Partners