HASSELL, STH & Hames Sharley design Western Australia's flagship health facility
Issue No.003 // July 2011
Fiona Stanley Hospital, Perth, Australia
WAN Tender Alerts subscriber HASSELL part of the Fiona Stanley Design Collaboration (STH, Hames Sharley and HASSELL) has just been awarded first place in a competition to design a unique healthcare facility in Perth, Western Australia. The Fiona Stanley Hospital scheme looks to incorporate visual elements of the surrounding bush and native flora into its original and innovative concept.
A number of shading fins protrude out from the main volume's exposed concrete columns in a direct reference to the local bushland growth, whilst numerous fissures in the roofing system filter the rays of the fiery Australian sun into a choreographed dappled pattern, echoing the effect of a tree canopy. The introduction of evidence-based design enabled the creative team to explore innovative ways to integrate space, light and colour in an effective fashion, establishing a close relationship between inside and outside space.
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Fiona Stanley Hospital, Perth, Australia,
images courtesy of HASSELL
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