Jury (from left to right)
Miguel Ruano, InterContinental Hotels Group
Caroline Stephens, World Architecture News
Luis Zapiain, HKS inc
Gregoir Chikaher, Arup
Robert Morris-Nunn, Circa Morris-Nunn Architects (remote judge)

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Winner: Innhouse,
Kunming, China by the
Oval partnership

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for the first time, the jury selected projects with especially high eco credentials
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WAN is pleased to announce that the winner of the 2012 WAN Hotel of the Year Award is the Oval Partnership-designed Innhouse in Kunming, China. This stunning eco-guesthouse is designed to act as a self-contained community for travellers and offers 17 luxury suites in a series of L-shaped forms, cupped by leafy natural foliage and intimate courtyards.

For our 2012 Hotel of the Year judges, Gregoir Chikaher, Director and Global Hotels & Leisure Sector Leader at Arup, Luis Zapiain, Head of Hospitality at HKS, and Miguel Ruano, Vice President of Design & Engineering at InterContinental Group, the winning submission ticked all of their boxes.

Zapiain explains that The Oval Partnership’s Innhouse project ‘covered all the bases of what we were looking for: innovation, experience for the guest, use of material, the way it sits on the land, and the image it gives for China as an emerging country in the travel market’.

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