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The architectural focal point for this store is the entry portal. Finished in reclaimed vertical wood planks, blackened steel, and concrete, the volume of the portal stands as an isolated box framed by glazing. As one moves through this box, the interior planes of the portal slope inward towards a single point, creating an experience of a forced perspective.

Upon entering the interior, these planes pivot outward opening wide to a framed view of the store's internal world. At select moments the thickened walls of the entry portal are carved out both within the exterior and interior space of the volume.

Swarovski's new offices in London, designed by James Langford Architects, are now fully operational following additions to their new UK headquarters on Sackville Street, a crystal's throw from Piccadilly Circus.

In 2008 Swarovski approached James Langford Architects (JLA) to design their new headquarters to house several divisions of their existing London operations within one building.

Pristine Fine Dry Cleaning in downtown Princeton, NJ represents a departure from your conventional dry cleaning operation. The 765 sq. ft. space would not only use an innovative, sustainable process using CO2 as a cleaning agent, they would also offer a community concierge service. They needed a design that would embody the definition of its name, reflecting purity in its materials and design, and create a new kind of dry cleaning experience.
Mooi is a new clothing store in Kensington London, offering bohemian luxury for women. It aims to reclaim some of the local fashion heritage and individualism previously embodied in shops such as Kensington Market and Sign of the Times.

The project embraces the inherited concrete and brick of the existing shell. We developed a series of precisely detailed display objects, which act as a counterpoint to the existing materials whilst focusing the customers' attention on grouped pieces.

There was an opportunity that presented itself to the retailer when they relocate in the same mall to a larger location that is in a section that had more traffic. Because of this Ruscio Studio had the opportunity to revitalize the Maska Boutique store concept.

From the initial client meeting it was established early on that the Maska Brand symbolized: Femininity, Freshness, Youthfulness, Fashion Forward.

The Porsche Design Group opened its first Porsche Design Store in Asia on July 15th.

The entire product range from luxury brand Porsche Design will be on display in a space of around 160 m2. Customers can enjoy a unique shopping experience in this new store.

"With the store in the Marina Bay Sands shopping mall, we're forging a new path", said Dr. Juergen Gessler, CEO of the Porsche Design Group.

Pan Asian cosmetics retailer Etude House is the fun 'entry-point' for the late teens female interested in all things 'make-up'.

With hundreds of stores in the Far East, the store concept had 'stretched' as it travelled, leaving it a little 'over-themed'.

JHP was brought in to re-model the store, and developed a 'doll's house concept' based on wishes coming absolutely true. The store is all about youth, girly fun, delicate femininity, and confidence.

Dear INSIDE reader,

Many congratulations to our WAN Lighting Awards winners and shortlisted entries. Our in-box has been bursting with positive comments about the awards, and delighted messages from the winners of both categories:

"We are very proud that Engineering V Building won the 2011 WAN Interiors + Design Lighting Award, especially when it was judged by such an accomplished and highly regarded panel of judges. The judges' comments were all greatly appreciated and we are thankful for this opportunity."

And from LZF, winners of the product category:

"Showers of 'thank yous' for the award and the good vibe that it brought us all. It was like a vitamin shot at the perfect time. I would love to personally thank all the judges for their support."

I'd like to add my congratulations to all the shortlisted entries; the standard of products and projects was excellent. I'd also like to thank Rachel for organising such a successful event and our judges for their time, enthusiasm and delightful company.

Here's to next year's Lighting Awards!

Send your projects to interiors@WANtoday.com
Giles Miller adds value to sustainable design

Sustainable design is about more than just using eco-friendly materials. Giles Miller tells Stacey Sheppard that design should be more about the value of the products over their lifetime and explains why his work is now becoming so popular with high-end retailers and hotels.

The role of designer has been questioned an awful lot over the past few years as the issue of sustainability has led us to question the throw away culture that has developed thanks to society's unquenchable thirst for the latest styles, the most advanced technology and the most convenient products.

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Inspired by the experimental nature of Harvey Nichols latest pop up space 'Taste Lab'€™, multidisciplinary London design practice in square lab intricately crafted a fluid wavelike chandelier using more than 540 chemistry laboratory test tubes.

'Taste Lab' is an initiative of Global Food Consulting to introduce the latest food news and trends from around the world to London, UK. Located on level 5 of Harvey Nichols food market, in square lab was commissioned to create an architectural intervention that offers visitors a sense of expectation and arrival.

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