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Jeffery Archer novels, Philippe Stark gadgets and Daily Mail subscriptions...

Christmas and the New Year is one of the most anticipated and fraught times of the year for everyone, especially if you are a busy designer or architect securing deals before the end of the year and planning for 2012.

With this in mind we asked notable figures from the interior and design world to share their plans for Christmas the New Year ahead.

What are you working on at the moment?

Paul Zara, Director of Conran & Partners Our company is working on some great projects in the UK and abroad. Personally I am involved with large housing projects in London, including regenerating failing council estates, a private house on the beach in Hove (it will be amazing, even if I do say so myself), an apart-hotel in Brighton and a secret project in Scotland, which is so big and exciting that I can barely contain myself!

Chrystina Schmidt, Founder of Skandium A few new products, both furniture and table top wear to extend our Skandium own production range.

Paul Hanegraf, Creative Navigator of Miligan Retail We are actively trying to launch a concept in urban market retail that we have been working on for 3 years now. With potential sites in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Bristol, Leeds and Bath we are very excited by things - but it has taken time, that said we may give ourselves a Christmas goodie as funding for the pipeline and the first purchase in London is nearing completion. The other exciting bit of business is the work we are engaged in to deliver a naming rights proposition, and then there is the launch of our retail technology business... and yes we build malls too.

David Atkinson, Creative Director DALD I am working on a large hotel project in India.

What were the highlights of 2011?

PZ Surviving 2011! Turning 50 (it's not so bad. Well, it is, but it's better than the alternative). Keeping our 18 strong Brighton studio going with people I like and projects that I am proud to be involved with. And finishing my 2nd Brighton Marathon.

CS The shop opening of the Fritz Hansen - Skandium store in September.

PH My WAN Jury...(Paul was a judge for the WAN I + D Retail Awards)

DA Winning the Lighting Design Award 'Lighting Designer of the Year'....!

What are your plans for Christmas?

PZ Lunch with siblings and my mother on Christmas Day, the a few days in Paris with my wife and two sons. Bit of culture, bit of shopping.

CS Try and keep the stores as attractive as possible so customers feel it's worthwhile coming to Skandium.

PH We stay in the house and have a whole cache of neighbourly traditions... which with a veil of protestant giving hide the selfish reality of the sofa, fire and books.

DA Some time in New York and with the family for Christmas!

Apart from partners, family and friends, who else would you like to spend Christmas Day with?

PZ Michael Jackson - wasn't that bothered when he was alive, but now he's gone - I want you back!

CS Lots of inspiring people who truly are looking for innovative new business solutions such as Richard Branson.

PH I'd tell you if I knew you better...

DA No one in it's time to switch off!

What's the best Christmas present you have received?

PZ I always ask for 'less stuff' but it never works. I'm hard to buy for...

CS Some truly wonderful chocolate.

PH Well there was the GI Joe space capsule that one year. . the best gift however is the way my mum taught me how to enjoy the Christmas spirit and that is all about giving. . so the best present is the one I give.

DA Being in the Maldives

What would be your worst ever Christmas Present?

PZ Hmmm. Philippe Starck gadgets maybe. Jeffery Archer novels. Daily Mail subscription. A cruise. A Ryan Air flight.

CS Anything thoughtless...

PH Gosh, would have to be bad clothes I'd say.

DA Being on my own!

What will you be doing for New Year's Eve?

PZ Our older son was born on New Years' Day so my mission for 15 years has been to not get a hangover for his birthday. Have generally succeeded. Not a great fan of New Year's Eve.

CS Most likely, finally rest.

PH 12 years running now a mate who is a Cannon at York Minster lives in a grace and favour pile just behind the Minster - so about 20 of us (as families) pile up there for four days and lay back, enjoy York, cook fab and goofy foods and relax. Great treat.

DA Chilling with friends...

And what's 2012 got in store for you?

PZ We managed to get Olympics tickets for the athletics! With regard to work, the demand for housing is a bubble that must burst soon and kick-start the economy. We have several projects on site or starting, I love building things. And my 3rd marathon (I am a bit boring about that). I remain optimistic!

CS Hopefully getting the interiors job, refurbishing a castle in Sweden. To stay alive and kicking.

PH If I only knew... but it will be unsettling I think.

DA Who knows... more exciting projects!