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Giselle Mannering's Christmas decorations with a twist

Simple but glamorous Christmas decorations with a twist, have been created to inject some sophistication and a dash of style for the festive season.

Using some silk fabric cut to varying widths, some greenery, together with an assortment of bright glass baubles and vinyl lettering, traditional Christmas decorations are given a make over providing drama, colour, and scent.

Fabrics used in this way can be applied to both traditional and contemporary interiors, different colours setting the mood for each style. For example a vibrant citrus green and strong orange for a lively zing to a contemporary decoration or a muted red or sumptuous mauve together with a darker green for a more traditional look. Of course, there is no hard and fast rule and any combination could work in any situation.

The silk banners were created and hung from heights to add theatre and surprise and flowers and accessories included to strengthen and add in impact and depth. Candles and fruit were used to add colour and scent, whilst greenery was cut and wired to suit various arrangements. Antique Chinese roof tiles provided the backdrop for the fireplace display, their decorative carving adding to the charm of the display.

Chocolates and sweet surprises have also been used, nice for children to pick and eat as part of a Christmas treat.