INTERIORS+DESIGN for architects

We're delighted to announce the opening of Tord Broontje's shop in London on 1st March 2012. The shop is located at 23 Charlotte Road, Shoreditch, London. It will be a unique place where many of Tord's designs will be presented together.

"In the shop, we will have all the products I have designed for clients such as Swarovski, Moroso, Kvadrat, Artecnica, Authentics. These range from crystal chandeliers to mass-produced tableware, textiles and lighting; from the extravagant and experimental to everyday affordable products.

The design studio will be located in the same space and it is also where we will be making one-off pieces of furniture and lighting. We will be creating special items that will be exclusive to the Tord Boontje shop. I hope the presence of myself and my team will create a friendly atmosphere, where people are welcome, can browse, ask questions, share thoughts and get an insight of the workings behind the scenes and into the making of products.

I see the shop as a new way of working for myself, a place where independent experimentation can take place; where we can create special products, either as one- off or production pieces. To me, forming this method of working reflects the time we live in, a time in which it is good to think about making by hand and by machines, the local and the global, creativity and freedom, presentation and independence.

The shop's unique interior will be an installation of furniture, lights, textiles, objects, jewellery, and projection, creating a rich environment and a complete experience; a fulfilling place to come and visit".