INTERIORS+DESIGN for architects

This month we asked designers what design gift they would most like for Christmas. Ideas ranged from decadent interior furnishings to fantastical objects that traverse time. If you are looking for inspiration this year, read on for our designers' festive tips...

"It would have to be a classic FIAT 600 in black. These days cars are so big and overboard. For a family of four, all you need is a FIAT."

- Maida Hot, MD at Gia Equation

"My obsession is pens. And so a fountain pen designed by Ustad Ahmad Lahauri would be nice, an opulent indulgence amid a world of crisp lines and understated minimalist anonymity. It would freeze conversation, dilate pupils, tie tongues. Velvet poetry would flow from its nib, guiding the writer's hand. You could wrap it up for me, but I would know what it is - it would whisper to me. I can hear it now."

- Neil Usher, General Manager of Group Property, Rio Tinto

"A line of Plumen bulbs on a braided gold string."

- Christopher Jenner, Designer

"I have a huge family and finding enough chairs to seat everyone for Christmas dinner is always a problem. So relatives don't have to sit on an upside-down bin to eat their turkey, my dream design present would be 20 Hans J. Wegner Wishbone chairs in assorted pink hues, from rose to raspberry and everything in between. Of course I would also need a Bulthaup kitchen to cook Christmas dinner and as I've been very good this year, a giant, Baccarat crystal chandelier. With that amount of twinkle it would be Christmas all year round!"

- Helen Gregorios-Pippas, Freelance FF&E Consultant

"I would really like a pair of Poul Kjærholm original PK22 Lounge Chairs in tan."

- Jenny Jones, Director at Conran, Architect and Interior Designer

"It would have to be art or sculpture. A painting by El Greco would be good. His paintings appear contemporary even though they were painted in the 16th century. More up to date, I would like a painting by Giacomo Balla or Jackson Pollock. In any case, I would probably pick something painted rather than digital. It is nice to be reminded that creativity doesn't have to involve technology."

- Jane Lawrence

"The Tip Ton Chair in cyan blue by Barber Osgerby."

- Samuel Wilkinson, Designer

"I need a machine that can stop time so that I can catch up with myself... oh.. and it would be in Pantone 21C, that lovely orange."

- Alice Fung, Co-founder of 00:/ (zero zero) and Hub Westminster

"I would like planning permission for the project I am trying to build, which just happens to be my own house! Or an e-type Jaguar, in silver with a Connolly leather interior would also do."

- Sally Mackereth, Co-Founder Wells Mackereth

"As a young designer I would love to have some more tools to use in the workshop, like small machines, or some nice materials to work with. I love to work and experiment with materials, so it really would be a design present."

- Bram Vanderbeke, Dutch Designer

"An old-school clutch pencil is something that every designer should have. To sketch is an honest skill we should practice more. As a designer all you really need is a pencil and paper."

- Paul Nulty, Lighting Designer

"It would have to be un porte bonheur. It is usually a small object but what I like about it is that when someone gives you a gift you can chose it as your own porte bonheur. This turns something from a piece of wood into a good luck charm."

- Denis Montel, Director of RDAI

"Can I have 2 answers ? ..... or maybe 1 combined one ? ... if so, to indulge my fashion mojo, it would have to be a 'supermarket sweep' around Net-A-Porter's warehouse ... and to quench my curiosity, maybe a behind the scenes tour and overnight stay in the the Large Hadron Collider in Cern!"

- Fiona Livingstone, Co-founder and Director Studiofibre