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The latest furniture collection from James Plumb

The latest furniture collection from James Plumb, To Have & To Hold tells a narrative that re-examines the sentiment of mortal attachment. Worn, neglected and discarded pieces have been vested with time and repurposed to find new form and use as contemporary compositions - quiet meditations and novel spaces.

Often acting as multi-use, mini-sets, this re-staging of found objects imbues the assemblages with new meaning. Whether sculptural juxtapositions or digital representations, there is a considered approach that layers each piece with renewed substance - a nostalgic nod to the exhibition title's search for longevity and the value and romance of objects.

Each piece is a study in refined interventions that are designed to elevate but not dominate their subjects.

Corner Settle - 2012
An old corner cupboard has been released from its confines and allowed to stand freely in the middle of the room. Celebrating the shape that was dictated by its former function, it has been transformed into a 'settle' by using the

back that was never normally seen. A custom made traditional horsehair cushion made using hand dyed antique linen allows one to literally sit in the corner.

Wing Bench - 2012
An 18th century wing chair finds new function as a day bed-come-bench with the addition of church pew seats that project from within. Avoiding re-upholstery and making the neglected object functional again in the most restrained way possible focuses on the beauty and craftsmanship of the frame. At the same time the extravagantly oversized benches draw attention as a sculptural object.

Apothecary Drawers - 2012
Part of the Steel Traces Series A fragment from an old apothecary dresser has been extended by steel frameworks which allude to the other parts now missing and forgotten. A desire to reference the past without restoring it, created a process of drawing with steel - a simple, elegant and robust means to create a reminder of what might have gone before, without dominating what remains