INTERIORS+DESIGN for architects

42 architects have recently completed a design for the recent Topshop/British Fashion Council show space that featured a wide range of shows during the London Men's Fashion Week.

The show space is arranged by a series of sweeping walls, which are back-lit with colour changing LED lighting, mimicking an arctic light environment as it fades from day to night.

The walls are made of layers of stretched fabric, held up by a temporary scaffold system behind.

The curved nature of the design is translated down into the smaller design features such as the bespoke bar, which features a series of sweeping, overlapping volumes to give a strong sense of movement and flow.

42 architects has worked with Family Ltd and Topman on their previous show space for the S/S 2012 Men's Fashion Week. After what was a very successful and well-received collaboration, 42 architects were invited back to design the next show space as well. This time, the space was shared with the British Fashion Council, which hosted a series of younger designers during the week.

The concept for the space came from a fascination with arctic light. This came as a reaction to the extreme lack of natural light in the existing space, being located on the ground floor of the Old Sorting Office in London. We wanted to contrast this by introducing an experience of a different sort of winter environment. For the show, we imagined a sequence that spanned from a cold and crisp daylight to a deep and richly coloured dusk and night, with hints of Aurora Borealis (northern lights) effects on the walls.

The sweeping curves and central circular volumes were designed to suggest movement and flow, by forcing the models to move in curved, almost orbital motion around the vol- umes. We also used the curved volumes as a device to increase the sense of enclosure, where the audience could feel engulfed in light, and to forget that they were actually in a very grey and rainy London winter!

Photo credit: Johan Berglund/42architects