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Creating a striking interior design in the hospitality industry is crucial in order to establish the ideal ambience. In no other industry are first impressions so important. So when it comes to creating a distinctive scheme that really impresses visitors, modular carpet provides the freedom for interior designers to produce innovative flooring schemes that really stand out.

Flooring is a key component of interior design and the use of complementary tones and opulent textures can be a great way to make an impressive statement. What's more, the use of carpet can help hoteliers to create a chic finish and relaxing ambiance that impresses guests and helps them to unwind in comfortable surroundings. Interface, with its extensive design creations and colourways, provides the ideal solution.

Interface's newest product range, Urban Retreat, provides a huge range of design opportunities. The recently launched range is inspired by the concept of biophilia - society's instinctive love of nature - and comes in three distinct styles, each available in a range of colours. All of the ranges within Urban Retreat blend easily with each other, meaning they can be mixed and matched to create a harmonious environment for hotel guests.

Each range offers its own take on the natural environment, from the eclectic and austere patterns of Urban Retreat One to the luxurious, deep pile in Urban Retreat Two, the collections put a sophisticated twist on the natural environment. The final style, Urban Retreat Three, evokes elegance with a shimmering linen-like finish that's inspired by shifting shades with fine fissures.

Maintaining interior furnishing to a high standard is also essential. However, with so many people passing through, surfaces exposed to wear and tear, including flooring, must be able to withstand the test of time. One of the significant advantages of modular flooring solutions in a hospitality environment is that they can be easily replaced if an area becomes damaged or worn.

When it comes to delivering a practical flooring solution, without compromising on beautiful design, carpet tiles offer an alternative to traditional flooring, providing a high level of durability, additional under-foot comfort and sound-absorbing acoustic properties.

Interface are sponsors of the World Interiors News Awards 2013 - Hotel Interiors