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Although it has long been quite commonplace commercially in public washrooms, touchless infra-red technology is only now becoming a popular option for the domestic bathroom too.

Far from something that appeals to gadget-lovers alone, infra-red technology has real benefits for homeowners. The main reason why this technology has already made itself so popular on a commercial level is the hygiene benefits it offers, with touchless infra-red sensors minimising hand contact on flushing systems and in the wash areas of public conveniences where there is a large footfall.

This of course is an advantage that can be carried over to the home environment, keeping the spread of germs from poor hand hygiene at bay amongst family members. Add to this the spa-like, luxurious finish that such technology helps to create and it is little wonder that infra-red technology is increasingly being incorporated into the domestic bathroom.

With the flush plate being the only visible fixture on a wall-hung WC, they are becoming increasingly design-led, and touchless, infra-red models integrate seamlessly into their environment, creating a luxurious finishing touch.

Geberit is leading the way with this integration, with its Sigma80 touchless flush plate and the new Sigma10, both of which bring the very latest infra-red sensor technology

into the domestic arena. The stand-out feature of this latest flush plate is its aesthetic appeal. Available in either black or mirror glass to complement any setting, the compact Sigma80 offers no fewer than 10 different design options due as the coloured light behind the glass changes colour, creating a subtle yet super-stylish effect.

Simple to operate, in standby mode no lights are visible on the Sigma80; it is activated as soon as movement is detected. A wave of a hand in front of the shorter light on the right operates a single flush, whilst the longer light on the left triggers a full flush. After giving visual feedback in the form of the coloured light effect when the toilet is flushed, the plate automatically returns to standby mode when the user leaves the room.

The Sigma80 flush plate also has a self-learning sensor that recognises how users use the WC and learns about its surroundings.

While an automatic flush ensures the toilet is always left clean when used in a commercial setting, the default settings can be easily adjusted during installation to suit the needs of domestic customers.

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