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Isabelle de Borchgrave was born in 1946 in Brussels and is an internationally renowned artist. Since 1994 she has used paper to create costumes and other decorative accessories (including lamps and vases), which are exhibited in international galleries. Isabelle also worked with Villeroy & Boch between 1979 and the early 1980s and designed two series of tiles: 'Weekend' and 'Harmonie'.

The décor of Artesano Provençal originates from the paintbrush of Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave and was lovingly designed by hand. The floral motifs and natural colours were inspired by her many trips to Provence, France.

"When I think of the wonderful holidays that I spent with my family and friends in Provence I don't only think of the famous fields of lavender but of the beautiful countryside all around, which is blessed with an incomparable intensity of colour. And the scent of wild roses, fresh herbs - all that is balm for the soul. It is exactly this feeling of well-being that Artesano Provençal should bring into every home," says Isabelle.

When Artesano Original was presented at the beginning of 2013, lovers of the collection described it as 'modern', 'striking' and 'uncomplicated'. Any décor designed for the white premium porcelain collection needed to respect and appropriately enhance these characteristics. The artist and Villeroy & Boch quickly agreed upon a common goal - a balance of floral country-chic and contemporary flair to flatter the material-mix of the collection. With Artesano

Provençal, Isabelle de Borchgrave has created a new, unusual décor that is true to Villeroy & Boch's brand and history.

"For Villeroy & Boch, the collaboration with Isabelle de Borchgrave allows us to launch an artistically charming collection. Artesano Provençal was inspired by Provence's flora and this taps into the German-French roots of our brand", says Nicolas Luc Villeroy, member of the board and head of Villeroy & Boch's Tableware Division. "It brings the brand's historical tradition of floral décors to a new, contemporary level."

Artesano Provençal with wild roses and vibrant geraniums

The artist opted for geranium flowers in a vibrant orangey red and full blossoms and buds of wild roses in an intense shade of purple. The rosemary-green border has a graphic feel, breaking up the floral décor in a very pleasing fashion.

The collection includes 29 pieces made of premium porcelain. The plates and bowls of various sizes can be perfectly combined with one another and allow a range of versatile uses - from antipasti to soup and from salad to pasta. It is the perfect collection for casual entertaining. When accented with Artesano Provençal oval serving bowls, the Artesano Original three-tier server of acacia wood with slate platters creates a statement-making focal point for any gathering. It brings the flair of Provence to the table and can be used for a great variety of delicacies such as a multi-layered breakfast, a gourmet afternoon tea, or a deluxe sushi dinner.