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Meeting consumers’ demands for a spa-inspired hotel bathroom, with the commercial and legal requirements involved, can be challenging. Their views on what constitutes a deluxe hotel bathroom are constantly changing, meaning hoteliers are under pressure to bring quality and creativity to their projects. Add to this spatial, technical, sustainability and accessibility pressures and you have a complex project that requires professional guidance and design expertise.

Hotel bathrooms have arguably become one of the most marketable parts of the hospitality experience. How the room looks and performs can have a huge influence on the overall brand experience. Hotels, from the small independents through to the larger chains, are all upping their game to ensure every guest’s experience is enhanced through a memorable design aesthetic. Innovation within the interior design industry has widened the scope of what can be achieved and with trends increasing reflected in bathroom design, it’s vital to work with an experienced specialist. Whether the challenge is a tight budget, an awkward space or a design narrative that works across a variety of room types, bathroom specialists can work alongside hoteliers and interior designers to edit the trends in a clever way, whilst getting the basics right.

Pampering has become synonymous with hotel bathroom design, and at the heart of this is a bath or shower that delivers comfort or invigoration. Contemporary baths are now deeper and more comfortable. The versatility of the latest composite materials allows more fluidity in shape and structure. Shower enclosures are becoming streamlined, but shower heads are now much larger in scale and replicate the cascading effects created by a waterfall or rainfall. Spa elements are becoming more practical to install, allowing guests to enjoy the luxury of steam in their room as part of an integrated shower enclosure (eliminating the need for additional space). It all comes down to personal enjoyment and relaxation, but translated in a way that works with the room layout.

The all-important vanity unit typically forms the centrepiece of the hotel bathroom, and should blend decorative and functional furniture elements. An overly clinical finish can feel spartan and cold. Lighting in this area is crucial as the effect should be both flattering and practical. Clever techniques include using strategic eye level lighting around the vanity area to ensure targeted lighting effects. Lighting can also be used to deliver a more dramatic ambience either through a chromotherapy bath that uses light in a

mood enhancing or regenerative way. Ornamental or sculptural pieces add character. Accessories shouldn’t be overlooked as good design is all about personalisation and creative touches. Seemingly functional pieces such as towel racks, lighting, toothbrush holders and soap dishes no longer simply offer a practical purpose; they should blend seamlessly with the overall design scheme or alternatively offer injections of decorative detail.

An inspirational bathroom design aesthetic will create a real talking point, but if you haven’t adequately considered the functionality of the room this will all be in vain. Every bathroom has to perform multiple functions on a daily basis, providing somewhere revitalising to get ready in the morning, somewhere luxurious to prepare for the evening ahead, or simply a space in which to unwind and slow down. A hotel bathroom must be durable enough to survive the most heavy handed guests, and be easily maintained 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The key ingredients to getting it right include specifying high quality products from first-rate manufacturers, listening to professional design advice and making sure you have the reassurance of back up support. At C.P. Hart we offer all of this in one comprehensive service package, providing a high level of specialist expertise and long experience supplying the hotel industry. We have a record of meticulously tackling the technicalities whilst getting the fundamentals exactly right for each project. Our advisers and designers can suggest the right products, colours, materials and experiential elements, that meet the hotel’s requirements for water saving flow rates, thermostatic control, anti-slip shower trays, or anything else specific to the project.

Where specialist accessible design guidance is required, C.P. Hart can steer hoteliers through a DDA brief. We believe that an impressive bathroom should have universal appeal. Each and every functional component of the bathroom has to be considered to ensure practicality and durability is achieved throughout the entire bathroom. C.P. Hart’s coordinated Accessible Design range by Hewi is testament to our belief that DDA compliance need not mean unappealing and utilitarian design. Sleek and minimalist in style, the collection has been designed to aid mobility around the bathroom, providing support through subtle recesses and support rails which perfectly complement the range’s minimalist aesthetic. Support rails are sculpted to ensure they are understated yet practical, featuring easy to grip contours for those requiring support when standing up or sitting down to use the WC, shower or washbasin. The rails are available in either a rounded or square profile, in addition to a variety of length options. The shower seat is geometric in its design and available in clean white or architectural anthracite that complement the minimalist finish. Manufactured from high quality materials, the seat has been designed to be both comfortable and slip resistant due to its lightly structured surface.

At C.P. Hart we work closely with our professional clients right from the start to fully understand the requirements of their project. Our specialist Contracts team work for architects, interior designers and builders, often on major commercial projects and will study plans and infrastructure restrictions with the client. They will then identify and resolve bathroom related technical issues. We aim to simplify the process for our clients, providing CAD image files, drawings and technical support. C.P. Hart Contracts works exclusively on building and refurbishment projects, from luxury apartments through to hotels and commercial developments. For more information visit or call 0845 873 1121.