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Interior Accessories get colourful

Posted on January 29, 2013 by Megan

Wash away those January blues with an infusion of colourful and cosy products launched for 2013. Sustainable French designer, Sabatina Leccia makes brightly coloured glassware from recycled materials out of her studio in Paris.

Sabatina Leccia

Designer Hannah Niskanen has created a practical and intriguing storage system in her “Safety Vase”. The hallway and bedside tables combine a cashmere and merino hand-knitted orb, framed by a solid walnut top and hand turned legs.

This safe hideaway is for those treasures that have a tendency to be misplaced has been created. The vase like form invites the user to touch and feel the softness of the wool whilst playfully hiding objects away, this furniture series is about experiencing the knit. It poses the question of why cant the first thing you touch when you wake up in the morning or come in from work be soft and comforting.

Safety Vase by Hannah Niskanen

And finally, check out these peculiar ornaments from London based ceramic artist, Myung Nam An.
Myung’s sculptures tell stories using symbols which are universal. These incredibly intricate ceramics are beautiful and bright, a perfect visual pick me up on a cold winter’s day!

“Eye Series” by Myung Nam An

We are on the hunt for the most innovative and eye-catching Interior Accessories and Products for the World Interiors News Annual Awards 2013. If you have a new product fresh off the workbench, why not enter it into our awards and get your designs noticed?

Last year, London based designer Naomi Paul did just that and won with her opulent hand-knit OMI pendant.

The World Interiors News Annual Awards are NOW OPEN and all the information you need on how to enter can be found here.
You can keep up to date with the latest entries on our website and enter your own projects!