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New Order: British Art Today at the Saatchi Gallery

Posted on April 29, 2013 by Megan

On 26 April 2013, the Saatchi Gallery will launch a new programme of exhibitions which will continue the Gallery’s 25-year-long support of emerging artists and its drive to make contemporary art as widely available as possible to a British and international audience. The Saatchi Gallery is the venue for this year’s WIN Annual Awards 2013 – to enquire about tickets please click here.

An entire floor of the Gallery in the King’s Road will be devoted to exhibiting artists in the early stages of their careers. Throughout the year the exhibitions will reflect the Gallery’s unique ability to respond quickly to some of the most exciting work being made by artists working in the UK.
This new programme of exhibitions will enable emerging artists, many of them recent graduates, to see their work displayed in a museum environment, and it will also give visitors to the Saatchi Gallery the chance to discover new artists of particular merit and promise. The first in this series of exhibitions is New Order: British Art Today, featuring 17 young artists based in the UK.

James Capper, Nipper (Long Reach)

James Capper, Nipper (Long Reach), 2012
Painted steel, hydraulics, plaster, 130 x 32 x 80cm / Base: 130 x 40 x 100cm
© James Capper
Image courtesy of the Saatchi Gallery, London

The work of this new generation of artists offers an arresting insight into the nature of Britain today: somewhat nebulous in its identity, somewhat uncertain of itself, recent spikes of national cohesion – the 2011 royal wedding, the 2012 Olympics – are blasts of pageantry, quickly silenced, sometimes soured. The symbols of national identity seem more and more inarticulate and dislocated from the experience of actually living here. The artists are not an evidently coherent group, but if there is a collective spirit in many of the works in the exhibition, it’s in their interest in addressing the vast abundance of imagery which we are all increasingly surrounded by in the 21st century. As the  series of exhibitions continues, a clearer understanding may emerge of a distinct new direction.

Tereza Zelenkova, Cometes

Tereza Zelenkova, Cometes, 2012
Framed silver gelatin print, 127 x 101.6cm
© Tereza Zelenkova
Image courtesy of the Saatchi Gallery, London

The exhibition includes sculptural forms that owe a debt to American minimalism, paintings that mine British caricature from the 18th century, the iconography of earthly power (kings and politicians), everyday elements from ordinary life (tattoos, underpants, banana skins), industrial materials as well as traditional oil paint and gouache.

Steven Allan, We’re All In This Together

Steven Allan, We’re All In This Together, 2012
Oil on canvas, 190 x 250cm
© Steven Allan
Image courtesy of the Saatchi Gallery, London

Dominic from Luton, Shoes Off If You Love Luton!

Dominic from Luton, Shoes Off If You Love Luton!, 2012
C-type print, 237.8 x 168cm
© Dominic from Luton
Image courtesy of the Saatchi Gallery, London

Artists in the exhibition include; Greta Alfaro, Steven Allan, James Balmforth, Sara Barker, Charlie Billingham, James Capper, Amir Chasson, Nathan Cash Davidson, Nicholas Deshayes, Amanda Doran, Alejandro Guijarro, Dominic from Luton, Wendy Mayers, Natasha Peel, Guy Rusha, Rafal Zawistowski and Tereza Zelenkova.

New Order: British Art Today opens to the public on 26 April. Entry is free.

Jake Dyson releases CSYS lighting range for John Lewis

Posted on April 26, 2013 by Megan

From 1 August 2013, the CSYS range from Jake Dyson Products will be available in lighting departments of The John Lewis Partnership across the UK and also online at In a year of unprecedented success for Jake Dyson Products, their retail distribution network has grown fivefold and their lights are now stocked in 61 retailers across the UK. Other big name stores include: Heale’s, The Conran Shop, Selfridges, twentytwentyone, Aram, and SCP. In other news, the CSYS LED light has just been presented the Homes & Gardens Award for Innovation. It has been chosen to feature in the renowned French architect, Jean Nouvel’s, ‘Office for Living’ project at the Salone International Furniture Fair and, design doyen, Rossana Orlandi’s 2013 showcase of influential designers.

The CSYS currently comes in two models, the CSYS LED Task light and the CSYS LED Tall (floor-standing version). Both feature a new application of heat pipe technology in its arm (developed for satellites and found in microprocessors for computers) that conducts heat away from the powerful LED chips, thereby prolonging their life and performance for over 37 years. This technology also maintains the brightness and colour rendition of the LED chips. Both lights are fully dimmable with a touch sensitive switch and light level memory. They can be smoothly maneuvered, both horizontally and vertically, as well as rotationally through 360˚, to allow precise positioning.

Phillip Anniss, Assistant Buyer for The John Lewis Partnership says:

“We have continued to focus on design collaborations for our Home ‘Design Collective’ and a partnership with the innovative Jake Dyson will be a fantastic addition to our designer lighting offer. Jake’s lights not only look great, but they offer unique functional features and, being LED, are environmentally efficient. We are supporters of British design and we know our customers will love his lights.”

Jake Dyson says:
“After extensive research and development, we launched the CSYS Task light at the London Design Festival in 2011 and were fortunate to receive strong praise from influential design figures, such as Sir John Sorrell, Sir Terence Conran, Jerryll Habegger, Fred Winkler and Murray Moss. Since then, we have been showing the CSYS to the trade and general public and it is tremendously rewarding to now have so many great retailers stocking our lights. It is still early days for us and we plan to continue our outreach across the world. We have more exciting new products in the pipeline that will help us to do this.”

Elsewhere in the world, a further 51 retailers are selling the product, including 18 in the US, such as Lumens Light and Living, Luminaire and Moss. The CSYS has been chosen to feature in the Permanent Collection of Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum (New York), a tremendous accolade for the studio. Jake Dyson Products is now focusing on the contract market and the CSYS will be seen in various exciting global projects for example, lighting up the headquarters of Rolls Royce.

A Passion for Jean Prouvé

Posted on April 12, 2013 by Megan

The Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli presents A Passion for Jean Prouvé, an exhibition devoted to the furniture and architecture by the French designer Jean Prouvé from the collection owned by Laurence and Patrick Seguin.

Laurence and Patrick Seguin discovered the work of Jean Prouvé in the late 1980s through his furniture designs. They were immediately struck by the unique aesthetic of these pieces, where the artistic skill lies wholly in imperceptible technical mastery devoted to enhancing the strength of the materials. While at the time very few people had even heard of Jean Prouvé, their enthusiasm for his captivating lines was immediate, a revelation that became a true passion.

Metropole aluminium house, 26.2 x 40 ft ca. 1949, provenance: France

The couple then began to take an interest in Jean Prouvé’s work as a whole, of which the furniture is only a part, going on to discover his architectural designs. With the idea that ‘there is no difference between constructing a piece of furniture and constructing a building’, he applied the same design approach to both fields, basing all of his work on it.

From the opening of their gallery in Paris in 1989, Laurence and Patrick Seguin began to work in earnest promoting the creations of Jean Prouvé, with the result that the most important international collectors and the most prestigious museums now have works by the French architect and designer in their collections. Indeed today he is held to be one of the key exponents of twentieth century design.

Metropole aluminium house, 26.2 x 40 ft ca. 1949, provenance: France

Laurence and Patrick Seguin are now presenting a number of works from their private collection for the first time: around 40 pieces by Jean Prouvé, most of which are prototypes or extremely rare, from the armchair designed for the University dormitory of Nancy in 1932 to the light armchair created for the University of Antony in 1954, to the furniture produced for Africa.

The Laurence and Patrick Seguin collection

The same principles of functionality and rational fabrication that the designer applied to furniture often destined for the public sector, can also be found in Prouvé’s architectural designs: the same solid structures feature clever mechanisms for assembly and organisation that enable both the furniture and the constructions to be easily moved, disassembled and modified.

The Maison Metropole (8×12 meters) an aluminium construction won in 1949 a Ministry of Education competition for ‘mass-producible rural school with classroom and teacher accommodation’: a masterpiece of nomadic housing, followed the portico principle patented by Prouvé in 1939. The Ateliers Jean Prouvé built two of them, one in Bouqueval, near Paris, and the other in Vantoux in Moselle. This one has been mounted for the first time on the Lingotto track in Turin. Taking four people three consecutive days to assemble, a stop-motion film has been made of the construction process, with video footage streamed on the Pinacoteca website.

Metropole aluminium house, 26.2 x 40 ft ca. 1949, provenance: France

The Laurence et Patrick Seguin collection includes contemporary art that coexist at their home with Jean Prouvé furniture. Some have a liason with Jean Prouvé, as the mobile made by Alexander Calder for Prouvé; and the one by Richard Prince, who has made especially for them an artwork out of a Jean Prouvé table.

They decide to show these works at the Pinacoteca Agnelli together with the ones by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Adam Mcewen and Marc Grotjhan. The exhibition will be accompanied by a catalogue in Italian and English published by the Pinacoteca Agnelli.