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Peroni Nastro Azzurro Showcases Italian Visionaries across the Creative Arts

Posted on July 30, 2013 by Megan

An ambitious project that showcases the work and ideas of some of the biggest established names, as well as exciting new talent from across Italy’s creative arts has been announced by Peroni Nastro Azzuro. The House of Peroni shows the new wave of contemporary Italian culture and the passion for Italian creativity.

In what is the first project of its kind, the premium Italian style brand has appointed an Italian Creative Council from across the creative arts, who have been commissioned by Peroni to deliver innovative new work. The work has been revealed in a unique immersive design experience, which is coming to a close after a successful month long residency at 41 Portland Place in central London this July.

Guests exploring artist Ludovica Gioscia’s room at the launch of The House of Peroni

Called The House of Peroni, it has been developed to celebrate and showcase the spirit of Italian creativity – the people, their work and the ideas – that are informing the creative landscape of tomorrow. It will provide guests with a unique space to see, touch and interact with the work and ideas from the Creative Council, which includes the celebrated architect Andrea Morgante (Shiro Studio) and designer Giovanni Alessi Anghini.

Roof Terrace at the House of Peroni

As well as making their own contribution, Council members have identified young Italians who represent the new wave of Italian creativity whose work will also be featured in The House. It includes installations from the likes of acclaimed artists Ludovica Giosci and Giacomo Lion.

Carlo Bernardini displays his light installation at the launch of The House of Peroni

A programme of daily events being hosted at The House throughout July will provide a unique opportunity to meet with members of the Creative Council and Contributors and see the ideas and Italian inspiration behind their work.

The Creative Council includes: Andrea Morgante, renowned architect and product designer; Forma Fantasma, fashion design duo; Carlo Bernardini, celebrated Italian artist; Giovanni Alessi Anghini :  product and industrial designer; Piero Lissoni, leading minimalist designer; and Carlo Brandelli, multi-disciplinary creative.

Club Room at the House of Peroni

As well as making their own contribution, the Council have identified young Italians whom they believe that represent the new wave of Italian creativity whose work will be featured in The House of Peroni. The contributors include: Ludovica Gioscia, a young, celebrated, fine artist; Giacomo Lion, A new-wave, thread installation artist; and Martino Gamper, an East London based artist who will bring his unmistakable aesthetic to The House of Peroni creation project.

In addition to the residency in July, The House of Peroni is launching online at providing a permanent window into the realms of Italian fashion, design, art and cuisine.

Kitchen, Soul, Design: L’Italia che Vive

Posted on July 23, 2013 by Megan

At the top of City Hall, FederlegnoArredo hosted an evening to celebrate the excellence of Made in Italy kitchens in July, an exclusive event held to present Kitchen, Soul, Design: L’Italia che Vive – a global project to remind the world of Italy’s celebrated tradition of manufacturing excellence.

The Italian Kitchen showcase was launched during the 2013 Milan Furniture Fair, and continued at the distinguished venue, as part of a yearlong journey through the United States, Russia and China and will culminate at Eurocucina 2014 to present the excellence of the Italian Kitchen to leading experts in the industry.

Made in Italy kitchens offer tailor-made solutions that combine traditional know-how with modernity and innovation. The result is crafted, bespoke work with sustainable, yet cutting-edge materials that can accommodate any number of appliances.

World Interiors News attended alongside some Italian greats for a demonstration of the kitchen products: Gianluca Vialli, former Chelsea manager and player; Claudio Silvestrin, Italian architect and designer; and Giorgio Locatelli, the Italian-born Michelin star chef. A dynamic culinary performance was held in a specially designed kitchen to celebrate the essence of Kitchen, Soul, Design: L’Italia che Vive.

During the demonstration their conversation reflected on the excellence of the Italian kitchen; a fusion of traditional manufacturing techniques with soul, emotion and passion. The concept is strong: the kitchen is a place for socialising, as well as cooking, so the bespoke designs of Made in Italy reflect the Italian culture for food and life in the kitchen.

Giovanni Anzani, Giorgio Locatelli, Roberto Snaidero

Alongside them, Giovanni Anzani, CEO of Poliform, explained why the Italian Kitchens stands out in contemporary kitchen design: “State-of-the-art technology, combined with skilled craftsmanship that excels on both an aesthetic and a budget level”. He adds: “Quality materials, brilliant engineering, and a flexible and customized approach: this is our toolkit for designing and realizing unique products that define Made in Italy around the world”.

Poliform presented Varenna kitchen furnishings, a contemporary interpretation of the kitchen as a public space whilst remaining in keeping with technical functionality. Poliform create a range of bespoke products such as Varenna to combine traditional Italian craft and knowledge and up-to-date technology to cater towards a variety of design tastes.

Made in Italy kitchen demonstration

Other kitchen products showcased included Arclinea, Dada, Ernestomeda, Scavolini, Snaidero, Valcucine and Veneta Cucine. Gabriele Centazzo, owner of Valcucine explains, “The designer, who is willing to be eco-sustainable, has to realize products must aesthetically survive throughout time”. All the Made in Italy products stressed the importance of sustainability and efficiency in the kitchen: a synthesis of durability, reliability and safety.

Giorgio Locatelli and Gianluca Vialli demonstration

The journey of the Italian Kitchen will continue at the Eurocucina Show 2014 to convey all the qualities of “the only room in the house” that truly represents the Italian nature – its soul: a combination of the cutting edge and the traditional.

To engage with the sector even further, FederlegnoArredo is launching an international award, the Kitchen Award 2014, the third element of the programme, to give credit and visibility to creative excellence in the sector.


Shanghai Film Museum by COORDINATION Asia

Posted on July 2, 2013 by Megan

Shanghai has been anticipating the brand new Shanghai Film Museum, and after more than two years of work, the new museum is finally open to the public. The epicentre of film, for which COORDINATION Asia were responsible for Art Direction and Museum Planning, covers 15,000 sq m and offers a rich selection of interactive environments, hands-on displays and real-time production studios that involve visitors into all aspects of the Shanghai film industry.

Shanghai Museum Entrance Hall

Shanghai Museum Animation Studio

The intention of COORDINATION Asia was to create a ‘living’ space for the dynamic subject of Shanghai film. The designers brought an extensive collection of historic moving content and objects together in a contemporary and interactive environment that fits the modern city of Shanghai.

Unforgettable Faces

In a full floor of real-time production studios visitors can see that the Shanghai Film Industry is still flourishing today. Additional functions such as a 4D Cinema and a multifunctional event space make the museum into a lively and vivid environment, where an audience of professionals and non-professional can interact, learn and enjoy.

Carpet of Lights

Film can put a city on a map nationally and globally, and the hope is that the Shanghai Film Museum will do just that. Moreover, the designers hope to have created a new cultural hotspot in the city, that will grow into a place where those with a heart for film come to exchange knowledge and inspiration.

Shanghai Film Museum F1 Car

Art Director and Lead Designer: Tilman Thürmer / COORDINATION ASIA Ltd.
Photos: Tilman Thürmer / COORDINATION ASIA Ltd.