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Gallery Elena Shchukina: a new, immersive environment for art and design

Posted on August 7, 2013 by Megan

Artist and curator Elena Shchukina is launching the Gallery Elena Shchukina in Mayfair, London this September with a space to challenge the traditional notion of a gallery. The space will bring painting, furniture, lighting, objets and wall coverings together to create an immersive aesthetic environment.

Painting will take the lead, setting the tone for the interior design and furnishings. Led by Shchukina’s personal interest in painting, the gallery is based on her belief in the power of art to inspire a room setting. 

© Gallery Elena Shchukina

Shchukina explains the concept to us in greater detail:

“I want visitors to Gallery Elena Shchukina to feel almost as though they are stepping into a painting when they come here. We are going to work with contemporary designers who will take their cue from the artists with whom we work to create furniture, rugs, lighting and even jewellery that will all complement and reflect the paintings that we show. My idea is to create holistic environments that are inspiring, creative rooms that become perfect living spaces; places that are uplifting, yet also make you feel comfortable, and ‘at home’.”

The first artist to show in the space will be Onyeka Ibe, from 24 September – 9 November 2013:

© Onyeka Ibe & Gallery Elena Shchukina

Now an internationally recognised artist, Ibe grew up during the unrest that followed the end of the Nigerian civil war. In his formative years he experienced periods of intense violence that beset the floundering democracy. He realised that his art could take two paths; either to rail against dehumanizing situations, or to capture elements of humanity in his work.  

© Onyeka Ibe & Gallery Elena Shchukina

His work reflects the latter: Ibe’s portraits, landscapes and still lifes are quiet and reflective, meditative blocks of richly coloured paint. He achieved success early in his career, exhibiting at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Lagos at 16. His work features in international collections and he currently resides in New York.

Ibe’s work will be shown alongside beautifully-crafted furniture and rugs that echo the palette and structure of his paintings, to create a unique and complete living space.

© Onyeka Ibe & Gallery Elena Shchukina

© Onyeka Ibe & Gallery Elena Shchukina

Elena Shchukina was born and raised in Siberia. She successfully completed a law degree at Moscow Law State Academy before deciding to pursue her passion for art and design by studying at the Moscow Design School. During this course Elena began to create themed environments, proposals for interiors where all the elements – art, furniture, wall coverings, floors and objects – would come together to create a harmonious whole. This sparked Elena’s imagination and she began to think about creating a new kind of gallery, one that, rather than showing art in a traditional ‘white cube’ format, would instead create a living space filled with painting, sculpture, furniture, objets and even lighting. Colour and energy are all-important to her and the paintings, objects and furniture that will be displayed at Gallery Elena Schukina will reflect this verve for living.

Onyeka Ibe’s work will be shown at the Gallery Elena Shchukina from 24 September – 9 November 2013. Visit the gallery at 10 Lees Place, Mayfair, London, W1K 6LL (The nearest tube stations are Marble Arch and Bond Street)

Foscarini Opens New York Store Foscarini Spazio Soho

Posted on August 2, 2013 by Megan

The Ferruccio Laviani-designed space will bring together design, culture and commerce…

Italian lighting company Foscarini has opened its first physical location in USA in New York City, during the city’s official design week in May. Called Foscarini Spazio Soho, the 3,500 sq ft location will combine retail and contract capabilities, as well as host site-specific installations by artists and designers. The Italian brand’s first store in Milan, Foscarini Spazio Brera opened in Milan during Salone del Mobile earlier this year. 

“The space will tell our brand stories, communicate emotions and stimulate creativity,” said Carlo Urbinati, co-founder and co-owner of Foscarini. “Our aim is to interest a larger public, all those fascinated by creativity.” The designer, Ferruccio Laviani, created a hybrid space that could have a double function: on one side to give a message strictly related to the brand identity, through site-specific installations, on the other side to display the collection. “As opposed to a multi-brand shop, we wanted to design a space where the visitors can directly get in touch with the company in a personal way, through a striking, warm welcome,” Laviani explains.

Foscarini Spazio Soho on 17 Greene Street will debut with an exhibition by the Italian artist Stefano Arienti who will create a site-specific installation of his piece, Algae, at the opening of the space. Carlo UIrbinati says, “Arienti’s work helps us communicate that the new space will not be an ordinary store, but a place to stimulate thoughts and new ideas.”

Arienti will install Algae in a way to invade Foscarini’s space, with pieces of its plastic forms coming down the 17 ft ceilings. Algae dates back to Arienti’s first solo exhibition in 1986 and has never been shown outside Italy. The piece is made up of plastic bags the artist collected over the years and cut crisscross to turn them into long and aquatic plant-like forms with a rich texture. Hung together Algae’s cut plastic ‘shreds’ create a moving topography marked by the beauty of synthetic bright colours and a near-natural chaotic texture.

“Arienti works with many different materials, and transforms them from the original use they were meant for, which is in a way similar to our constant exploration of materials and forms,” said Alessandro Vecchiato, co-owner of Foscarini.

“The New York location is meant to be a space to communicate our vision and interests as a company serving a cross section of the population,” said Glenn Ludwig, CEO of Foscarini North America. “We will be welcoming with consumers searching for individual design ideas or contract clients looking for a bigger solution, both in the same way.” The space will also hold a series of industry events, panels and educational sessions.

Partners of the World Interiors News Annual Awards, iMakr, launch their first pop-up store in Selfridges

Posted on August 1, 2013 by Megan

The online 3D printing store iMakr, operating the world’s largest 3D Printing store, have announced their collaboration with heritage department store Selfridges to create a pop-up 3D printing destination. From October 24 to the end of 2013, the store will showcase a selection of iMakr’s printers and 3D Art from a range of renowned designers.

The pop-up will be based on the ground floor of the department store and will exhibit an affordable range of products with free demonstrations including a free full body 3D scanning installation where customers can produce their own personalised 3D miniature.

iMakr press show

iMakr have partnered with World Interiors News for the Annual Awards ceremony held at the Saatchi Gallery, London on 28 November. The company are designing stunning bespoke 3D printed trophies, which will be presented to the winners of the interior design competition, and will also provide a live 3D print on site for the final winning trophy.

iMakr with the help of, the online platform of Free 3D Printable files, will display a selection of beautiful and useful 3D Printed objects at the Selfridges store. Sylvain Preumont, founder and director at iMakr, says: “Since the opening of iMakr Store, two months ago, we have received numerous requests for partnership. I’m delighted to bring 3D Printing in Selfridges, an iconic, vibrant, luxurious and innovative department store.”

3D art showcased at iMakr Press Show

iMakr were delighted to be featured BBC Breakfast earlier this week, as the BBC Technology Correspondent Rory Cellan-Jones went to discover what 3D print stores can offer the wider consumer market. See the feature on the BBC here.

The BBC visit the flagship iMakr store in Clerkenwell, London © BBC

iMakr operates the world largest 3D Printing store, in London, 79 Clerkenwell Road, EC1R 5AR. Please visit for further details. Instant Makr Ltd. was founded in 2012 by Sylvain Preumont, a Technology entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in new technology start-ups


Peroni Nastro Azzurro Showcases Italian Visionaries across the Creative Arts

Posted on July 30, 2013 by Megan

An ambitious project that showcases the work and ideas of some of the biggest established names, as well as exciting new talent from across Italy’s creative arts has been announced by Peroni Nastro Azzuro. The House of Peroni shows the new wave of contemporary Italian culture and the passion for Italian creativity.

In what is the first project of its kind, the premium Italian style brand has appointed an Italian Creative Council from across the creative arts, who have been commissioned by Peroni to deliver innovative new work. The work has been revealed in a unique immersive design experience, which is coming to a close after a successful month long residency at 41 Portland Place in central London this July.

Guests exploring artist Ludovica Gioscia’s room at the launch of The House of Peroni

Called The House of Peroni, it has been developed to celebrate and showcase the spirit of Italian creativity – the people, their work and the ideas – that are informing the creative landscape of tomorrow. It will provide guests with a unique space to see, touch and interact with the work and ideas from the Creative Council, which includes the celebrated architect Andrea Morgante (Shiro Studio) and designer Giovanni Alessi Anghini.

Roof Terrace at the House of Peroni

As well as making their own contribution, Council members have identified young Italians who represent the new wave of Italian creativity whose work will also be featured in The House. It includes installations from the likes of acclaimed artists Ludovica Giosci and Giacomo Lion.

Carlo Bernardini displays his light installation at the launch of The House of Peroni

A programme of daily events being hosted at The House throughout July will provide a unique opportunity to meet with members of the Creative Council and Contributors and see the ideas and Italian inspiration behind their work.

The Creative Council includes: Andrea Morgante, renowned architect and product designer; Forma Fantasma, fashion design duo; Carlo Bernardini, celebrated Italian artist; Giovanni Alessi Anghini :  product and industrial designer; Piero Lissoni, leading minimalist designer; and Carlo Brandelli, multi-disciplinary creative.

Club Room at the House of Peroni

As well as making their own contribution, the Council have identified young Italians whom they believe that represent the new wave of Italian creativity whose work will be featured in The House of Peroni. The contributors include: Ludovica Gioscia, a young, celebrated, fine artist; Giacomo Lion, A new-wave, thread installation artist; and Martino Gamper, an East London based artist who will bring his unmistakable aesthetic to The House of Peroni creation project.

In addition to the residency in July, The House of Peroni is launching online at providing a permanent window into the realms of Italian fashion, design, art and cuisine.

Kitchen, Soul, Design: L’Italia che Vive

Posted on July 23, 2013 by Megan

At the top of City Hall, FederlegnoArredo hosted an evening to celebrate the excellence of Made in Italy kitchens in July, an exclusive event held to present Kitchen, Soul, Design: L’Italia che Vive – a global project to remind the world of Italy’s celebrated tradition of manufacturing excellence.

The Italian Kitchen showcase was launched during the 2013 Milan Furniture Fair, and continued at the distinguished venue, as part of a yearlong journey through the United States, Russia and China and will culminate at Eurocucina 2014 to present the excellence of the Italian Kitchen to leading experts in the industry.

Made in Italy kitchens offer tailor-made solutions that combine traditional know-how with modernity and innovation. The result is crafted, bespoke work with sustainable, yet cutting-edge materials that can accommodate any number of appliances.

World Interiors News attended alongside some Italian greats for a demonstration of the kitchen products: Gianluca Vialli, former Chelsea manager and player; Claudio Silvestrin, Italian architect and designer; and Giorgio Locatelli, the Italian-born Michelin star chef. A dynamic culinary performance was held in a specially designed kitchen to celebrate the essence of Kitchen, Soul, Design: L’Italia che Vive.

During the demonstration their conversation reflected on the excellence of the Italian kitchen; a fusion of traditional manufacturing techniques with soul, emotion and passion. The concept is strong: the kitchen is a place for socialising, as well as cooking, so the bespoke designs of Made in Italy reflect the Italian culture for food and life in the kitchen.

Giovanni Anzani, Giorgio Locatelli, Roberto Snaidero

Alongside them, Giovanni Anzani, CEO of Poliform, explained why the Italian Kitchens stands out in contemporary kitchen design: “State-of-the-art technology, combined with skilled craftsmanship that excels on both an aesthetic and a budget level”. He adds: “Quality materials, brilliant engineering, and a flexible and customized approach: this is our toolkit for designing and realizing unique products that define Made in Italy around the world”.

Poliform presented Varenna kitchen furnishings, a contemporary interpretation of the kitchen as a public space whilst remaining in keeping with technical functionality. Poliform create a range of bespoke products such as Varenna to combine traditional Italian craft and knowledge and up-to-date technology to cater towards a variety of design tastes.

Made in Italy kitchen demonstration

Other kitchen products showcased included Arclinea, Dada, Ernestomeda, Scavolini, Snaidero, Valcucine and Veneta Cucine. Gabriele Centazzo, owner of Valcucine explains, “The designer, who is willing to be eco-sustainable, has to realize products must aesthetically survive throughout time”. All the Made in Italy products stressed the importance of sustainability and efficiency in the kitchen: a synthesis of durability, reliability and safety.

Giorgio Locatelli and Gianluca Vialli demonstration

The journey of the Italian Kitchen will continue at the Eurocucina Show 2014 to convey all the qualities of “the only room in the house” that truly represents the Italian nature – its soul: a combination of the cutting edge and the traditional.

To engage with the sector even further, FederlegnoArredo is launching an international award, the Kitchen Award 2014, the third element of the programme, to give credit and visibility to creative excellence in the sector.


Shanghai Film Museum by COORDINATION Asia

Posted on July 2, 2013 by Megan

Shanghai has been anticipating the brand new Shanghai Film Museum, and after more than two years of work, the new museum is finally open to the public. The epicentre of film, for which COORDINATION Asia were responsible for Art Direction and Museum Planning, covers 15,000 sq m and offers a rich selection of interactive environments, hands-on displays and real-time production studios that involve visitors into all aspects of the Shanghai film industry.

Shanghai Museum Entrance Hall

Shanghai Museum Animation Studio

The intention of COORDINATION Asia was to create a ‘living’ space for the dynamic subject of Shanghai film. The designers brought an extensive collection of historic moving content and objects together in a contemporary and interactive environment that fits the modern city of Shanghai.

Unforgettable Faces

In a full floor of real-time production studios visitors can see that the Shanghai Film Industry is still flourishing today. Additional functions such as a 4D Cinema and a multifunctional event space make the museum into a lively and vivid environment, where an audience of professionals and non-professional can interact, learn and enjoy.

Carpet of Lights

Film can put a city on a map nationally and globally, and the hope is that the Shanghai Film Museum will do just that. Moreover, the designers hope to have created a new cultural hotspot in the city, that will grow into a place where those with a heart for film come to exchange knowledge and inspiration.

Shanghai Film Museum F1 Car

Art Director and Lead Designer: Tilman Thürmer / COORDINATION ASIA Ltd.
Photos: Tilman Thürmer / COORDINATION ASIA Ltd.

The Surface of Art…

Posted on June 12, 2013 by Megan

3D SURFACE panels are designed to realize decorative coatings that can create infinite surfaces, without interruption or joints. The Italian company, 3D SURFACE, launched the first collection designed under the artistic direction of Romano Zenoni, composed of 16 textures designed by Jacopo Cecchi, characterized by elements that once applied interact with each other reproducing unique effects. The collection, industrially produced, is varied with 16 different types of decorations. It is possible to choose products that reproduce authentically reality, such as Bamboo, Tenda, Desert, Capitonnè or abstract surfaces, contemporary result of imagination and contemporary artistic trends, like Caos and Millerighe. See 3D Surface’s entry into the World Interiors News Annual Award under the Interior Accessories category here.


3D SURFACE sculpture walls  represent a major innovation in wall coverings, launching an important trend in the world of contract and design. The versatility of use for any space, thanks to the development of two special ceramic materials designed for interior and for outdoor spaces (TRB, TRG),  allows the designer to create every kind of solution.


For installation, the product is simply pasted on the wall and once the joints are plastered surfaces become fluid and continuous. 3D walls are enhanced with light, creating light and shadow effects…and the covered surface  comes alive. 3D SURFACE, as well as proposing a collection of 16 different covering designs, is able to develop  textures on demand, so as to enable every designer to carve their own ideas on walls. 



Foscarini Supports Art and Culture at la Biennale di Venezia 2013

Posted on June 5, 2013 by Megan

For the sixth year running, Foscarini is sponsor of the International Art Exhibition and the International Architecture Exhibition of la Biennale di Venezia, confirming the company’s affinity for and proximity to the world of creativity and art and to contemporary languages. Research, innovation, product culture and experimentation are the founding values of the Foscarini philosophy, addressing a multifarious public, through innovative forms and channels, with  initiatives linked to interdisciplinary fields.

Foscarini at Venice Biennale – Arsenale

This vision is expressed to the full in the company’s presence in Venice, where Foscarini lamps offer a contemporary reinterpretation of the historic venues of la Biennale di Venezia. Light installations with an unmistakable presence and a strong evocative effect, disseminated across the Arsenale and the Giardini, confirm Foscarini’s ability to put together sceneries, create atmospheres and arouse emotions even in contexts and settings of significant sizes.

On the occasion of the 55th International Art Exhibition – la Biennale di Venezia, the second floor of the Arsenale bookshop houses the Foscarini relaxation area with an original photo exhibition. Twelve large canvases reproduce the pictures commissioned by Foscarini from world-famous photographers for INVENTARIO magazine, an independent publishing project – promoted and supported by Foscarini – which relies on original critical contributions to shed an enlightened and free light on the design, architecture and art scene. Massimo Gardone, Max Rommel, Moreno Gentili, Lena Amuat, Emmanuel Mathez, Gionata Xerra have imagined and set up lots of different sets, each time starring one of the models in the Foscarini collection. The result is a gallery of original portraits, where the lamps enjoy an entirely unprecedented dimension, which is both symbolic and unexpected.

The bond between Foscarini and the art world is part of a far-reaching vision, which this year takes concrete form in the opening of the Foscarini Spazio Brera in Milan and the Foscarini Spazio Soho in New York.

Foscarini at Biennale – Arsenale Bookshop

These spaces are not mere showrooms, but rather places which are open to creativity, designed to tell stories and convey emotions, which will continually house site-specific installations devised by artists and exponents from the international creativity scene. Such as Attilio Stocchi, who for the opening of the Space in Milan devised his work entitled SEME/SEED, and Stefano Arienti, who prepared an unprecedented installation for the Space in New York focusing on the theme which is dear to him, namely “Algae”.


SHH’s ‘Park Place’ Mayfair House Gets Planning Go-ahead

Posted on May 31, 2013 by Megan

Proposals for an elegant, new-build, black-fronted house in Mayfair’s Park Place, inspired by number ten Downing Street and designed by architects SHH, has now been granted planning permission by Westminster City Council, including change of use from Commercial B1 to Residential C3. The project is due to go on site in January 2014 for completion in the second half of 2015. The seven-storey property, located in the St James’s Conservation Area (where neighbouring buildings include The Economist Buildings, the Grade I-listed Brooks’ Club, the Grade-I listed Royal Overseas League and the Embassy of Equatorial Guinea), has been designed as a 21st-century interpretation of a traditional Mayfair home.

Existing Front Elevation (Left) and Proposed Front Elevation (Right)

The street already boasts a highly-eclectic mix of Georgian, Victorian and late 20th century buildings”, commented SHH Chairman and Project Director David Spence, “but the Victorian properties still dominate. We wanted to pay our respects to the building’s context and distilled the main elements of the street elevation to create its proportions, but at the same time we also sought to create a unique and stand-out contemporary property. The black brick frontage was inspired by number ten Downing Street, as a premier London address and visual icon, whilst the crafted metalwork, which will be a major design feature of the building’s street presence, along with contemporary versions of gaslights on either side of the entrance door, recalls the glamour of a grand late Victorian or arts and crafts Mayfair home.

“Efficient use of the site and the maximisation of natural light ingress to the house were our priorities in the design” David Spence added. “The main habitable rooms are therefore located on the street side, where natural lighting is strongest, with mainly night-time usage rooms located to the rear, separated by a main circulation core. We were also able to be quite creative with the rear elevation of the property because it is not visible by the public and therefore subject to fewer constraints. This also allowed us to surmount the challenge of the dominant rear wall.”

The existing 1960s property, which will be demolished, is an unsympathetic, purpose-built office, designed with a ‘pack and stack’ approach with an extra floor added in, making it at odds with the classic Victorian proportions of its neighbours.

Cut-away section through building

The site is constrained by a seven-storey back wall to the southern aspect (backing onto Blue Ball Yard). SHH’s solutions to this include a new four-storey green wall to improve the rear outlook and soften the existing wall’s impact (with a recessed and lit stone panel at first floor level, directly facing a sliding wall and terrace for added light), as well as a rear profile which pulls away from the wall and steps in from the embassy building next door, with a rolling curved roof providing a glass curtain wall to help bring as much natural light as possible into the building, along with additional roof lights and recesses.

Initial street elevation 3D view

SHH’s design includes a huge, double-storey contemporary version of an oriel bay window at the first and second floor levels, partly-fronted by a delicate metalwork screen both for privacy and added decorative value. The metalwork – to be used again for the street level railings, porch grille and entrance gate – is made up of antique bronze and brass with black iron uprights, whilst contemporary versions of gaslights will sit to either side of the glass entrance door.

Street railing and ‘modern gaslamp’ concept visual

A notable commitment to craftsmanship at the face of the building was vital to obtaining planning permission (in which SHH were assisted by specialists Nathaniel Lichfield & Partners), as the area has a tradition of buildings with inherent artistic value. In fact, the Planning Committee of Westminster City Council unanimously agreed that the design is appropriate for its context, alongside the Grade I and 2* buildings in the road, and also praised the scheme for its interesting contemporary design, materials and contextual approach.

The dark materials palette for the scheme includes Fairface black bricks with charcoal pointing; polished granite for the oriel window bay; polished granite for the window portals and frames (with just the reveal in polished granite for the third floor windows) and charcoal black zinc for the standing seam roof. The whole ground floor level is made up of flamed-finish granite with bands and recesses, historically referencing Victorian rusticated entrance levels.

Metal veil concept detail

The interior layout includes a lobby, formal dining room, prep kitchen, receiving room/study, toilets, cloakroom, staircase and lift at ground floor level. On the first floor are located a formal reception room, family room, family kitchen, toilet, lift, stair and rear terraced area. On the second floor are the master suite with dressing rooms, wardrobes, bath and shower rooms, lift and stair, whilst the third floor is comprised of two further en suite bedrooms, linen and dressing rooms, with one of the bedrooms taking the form of a duplex space with sitting area and study space.  The fourth floor contains the mezzanine level of bedroom three and a fourth en suite bedroom, along with the lift fore and an air-conditioning condenser room.

Below ground, a new triple basement includes a prep kitchen, laundry utilities and plant rooms and a staff suite at lower-ground level. At minus two level there are leisure facilities, which include a pool, spa and deck; lobby and changing rooms; steam and sauna rooms and a changing area with toilets and showers. A media room (with popcorn and drinks machines) and plant/service areas are proposed at minus three level.

Circulation for the scheme includes a lift through all levels, a dramatic internal stair from ground to fourth floor levels and an external stair leading from the ground to the lower ground levels at the front of the property.

Proposed new street view (from St James’s Street)

SHH is a 50-strong architectural and interiors practice, which specialises in prime residential property design, alongside commercial and hospitality projects. The practice has over 75 creative awards and nominations to its name from three continents, including an RIBA Manser Medal shortlisting; three Commercial Architecture Awards; an International Property Award; two UK Property Awards; an Estates Gazette Award; two Leisure Property Awards; a Building Design Architect of the Year Awards nomination; two FX Awards; an ADEX Gold Award; an International Design & Architecture Award and three Restaurant & Bar Design Awards. The company’s founders regularly speak on architecture and design at conferences for, amongst others, the NLA, the London Design Festival, Construct Canada, the Prime Residential Conference, the Hospitality Show, FOCUS and The Interiors Show.

Bolon Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

Posted on May 20, 2013 by Megan

Launch of a new studio tile during Clerkenwell Design Week

2013 marks the 10 year anniversary since sisters Annica and Marie Eklund, third generation in the family company, took over Bolon and transformed it from a traditional weaving mill into a global design brand.  To celebrate the remarkable and inspiring journey the Swedish design company has been going through since its start in 1949, the company is now releasing an exclusive book and a new shape of Bolon studio tiles where a wide range of collections are explored in a vibrant expression.

The book, “The Story of Bolon”, is a flirtatious dalliance with the fine books found on the coffee tables of the fashion world and has a wealth of photographs and interviews with some of the world’s foremost creators, designers and architects; from Rosita Missoni, Jean Nouvel and Giulio Cappellini to Thomas Sandell and Gert Wingårdh.  The man behind the photographs is Tobias Regell, with a portfolio including both H&M and Bentley.  The editor is well known journalist Simon Mills, bespoke editor at Wallpaper and contributor to a number of magazines.

The brand new Bolon Studio tile, entitled “Wing”, allows architects and designers to utilise Bolon’s earlier collections into one masterpiece – adding an extra visual dimension to wherever it’s installed.  By combining different colours and collections in the new shape it’s possible to create a whole spectrum of different designs.  Together with the attitude and the graphic feel of “Wing” the creative possibilities are endless.

Get the story and get on our newest floor at Bolon’s new-look showroom during Clerkenwell design week whilst enjoying a glass of bubbly selected by the world’s number one champagne expert, Richard Juhlin.