LimeWharf hosts Adhocracy: exhibition explores how new methods of production are stimulating a “cultural revolution”

Posted on August 30, 2013 by Megan

Opening to the public on 4 September, Adhocracy@LimeWharf brings some of the freshest thinking on the future of design and fabrication to the heart of London’s creative quarter in Hackney. LimeWharf is a cultural innovation gallery and artistic laboratory situated on Vyner Street, Regent’s Canal, at the heart of East London. This innovative and experimental centre welcomes artists and scientists to collaborate in residencies, think-tank gatherings and stimulating exhibitions.

Adhocracy@LimeWharf is curated by Joseph Grima, and adapted for London by urban designer and curator/architect of the  gallery, Thomas Ermacora. The exhibition is a tour de force in speculative thinking about our future, positioning open design and distributed manufacturing as new engines for unprecedented networks of creation and problem-solving around the world. The exhibition brings together an international group of pioneers representing the avant-garde of digital fabrication ecologies that respond to changes around us, questioning the very definition of design.

Limewharf Exterior

Originally conceived by Grima for the first Istanbul Design Biennial in October 2012, the exhibition then travelled to the New Museum in New York City in May 2013. The London iteration is adapted specifically for LimeWharf, and promises an exhibition that challenges the individual to participate in a global conversation on the role of new designer-maker paradigms, providing a fascinating experience for newcomers and experts alike.

Grima explains the exhibition:
“Adhocracy argues that rather than the closed object, the maximum expression of design today is the process—the activation of open systems, tools that shape society by enabling self-organisation, platforms of collaboration that subvert capitalist competition, and empowering networks of production. The exhibition is heterogeneous, embracing everything from medical innovation to cultural and political criticism, from furniture design to weapons manufacturing.”

Stratigraphic Manufactury 4 – Unfold

A wide range of projects are presented in the exhibition, exploring new directions in contemporary design through artefacts, objects and films. The participants delve into the new territories and opportunities given by open source networked technologies and personal manufacturing tools such as 3D printers. Adhocracy will include several on-site laboratories to catalyse a new London-based centre of micro-manufacturing at LimeWharf.

Adhocracy@LimeWharf has over 50 participants including new projects from: Technology Will Save UsHexayurtFabSkateLuis Fraguada (Robots in Gastronomy) and The Gloves Project.

Adhocracy@LimeWharf will run from Wednesday 4 September – Saturday 12 October 2013. Tuesday – Saturday, 11am – 8pm.