Meet The 2016 Winners: One Plus Partnership Limited

Posted on November 7, 2017 by Steven Penney

Our next installment of ‘Meet The 2016 Winners’ features the award-winning Hong Kong-based design team of One Plus Partnership Limited, headed by Virginia Lung and Ajax Law. Established in 2004, One Plus Partnership is known for their mind-blowing work across a host of typologies including retail projects, restaurants, club houses, sales offices and of course cinemas. Returning to the WIN Awards this year, One Plus Partnership has been shortlisted with two incredible cinema projects: Insun International Cineplex in Wuhan and the Omnijoi International Cinema in Shanghai.

With now 487 international design awards to their name, I caught up with Virginia and Ajax since winning our Leisure or Entertainment Venues category last year.

Virginia Lung & Ajax Law – Directors of One Plus Partnership Limited

Your projects are known for being dramatic and having serious impact, where do you find inspiration for your signature aesthetic?

Our inspiration for design literally comes from everywhere! We love to observe things around us in our daily life. Good ideas and inspirations do not necessarily come from masterpieces of well-known designers. We like to create unconventional portrayals of different design concepts, which never fail to surprise our client and users of the space.

Wuhan Insun International Cineplex – Shortlisted – 2017 WIN Awards Leisure or Entertainment Venues category

When you begin each project, what key elements do you consider?

Our design concepts are related to the function of the space and brand stories of our clients, which fosters a meaningful link between the design and the space, which is one of the key elements we consider when beginning each project. We of course also consider realistic constraints such as location of the project, its target audience, size of the space, budget, and the client’s requests.

Hong Kong YOHO Mall Chow Tai Fook Experience Shop

Can you tell us anything about the next big project you’re working on? And are we likely to see it participate in next year’s WIN Awards?

We are currently working on a new branch of the biggest local jewelry brand. We completed our first collaboration for their store in September, which has created a new and exciting image for this traditional industry in Hong Kong. Our second collaboration will definitely be something to look forward to!

Shanghai Omnijoi International Cinema – Shortlisted – 2017 WIN Awards Leisure or Entertainment Venues category

One Plus Partnership has consistently impressed the WIN Awards judges over a number of years. What does being shortlisted and winning mean to you?

We are really grateful for WIN Awards’ recognition over the years. Although we have been shortlisted and winning with multiple projects, each award still means a lot to us, pushing us to continue our pursuit of groundbreaking designs.

Guangzhou Jinyi Cinemas – Winner – 2016 WIN Awards Leisure or Entertainment Venues category

What advice would you offer to others considering to enter their work?

We believe originality is the key to design. Even with the same theme, each designer can have a different interpretation portrayed in a unique way. Try to pay more attention to things around, and you will never run out of amazing inspirations.