Peroni Nastro Azzurro Showcases Italian Visionaries across the Creative Arts

Posted on July 30, 2013 by Megan

An ambitious project that showcases the work and ideas of some of the biggest established names, as well as exciting new talent from across Italy’s creative arts has been announced by Peroni Nastro Azzuro. The House of Peroni shows the new wave of contemporary Italian culture and the passion for Italian creativity.

In what is the first project of its kind, the premium Italian style brand has appointed an Italian Creative Council from across the creative arts, who have been commissioned by Peroni to deliver innovative new work. The work has been revealed in a unique immersive design experience, which is coming to a close after a successful month long residency at 41 Portland Place in central London this July.

Guests exploring artist Ludovica Gioscia’s room at the launch of The House of Peroni

Called The House of Peroni, it has been developed to celebrate and showcase the spirit of Italian creativity – the people, their work and the ideas – that are informing the creative landscape of tomorrow. It will provide guests with a unique space to see, touch and interact with the work and ideas from the Creative Council, which includes the celebrated architect Andrea Morgante (Shiro Studio) and designer Giovanni Alessi Anghini.

Roof Terrace at the House of Peroni

As well as making their own contribution, Council members have identified young Italians who represent the new wave of Italian creativity whose work will also be featured in The House. It includes installations from the likes of acclaimed artists Ludovica Giosci and Giacomo Lion.

Carlo Bernardini displays his light installation at the launch of The House of Peroni

A programme of daily events being hosted at The House throughout July will provide a unique opportunity to meet with members of the Creative Council and Contributors and see the ideas and Italian inspiration behind their work.

The Creative Council includes: Andrea Morgante, renowned architect and product designer; Forma Fantasma, fashion design duo; Carlo Bernardini, celebrated Italian artist; Giovanni Alessi Anghini :  product and industrial designer; Piero Lissoni, leading minimalist designer; and Carlo Brandelli, multi-disciplinary creative.

Club Room at the House of Peroni

As well as making their own contribution, the Council have identified young Italians whom they believe that represent the new wave of Italian creativity whose work will be featured in The House of Peroni. The contributors include: Ludovica Gioscia, a young, celebrated, fine artist; Giacomo Lion, A new-wave, thread installation artist; and Martino Gamper, an East London based artist who will bring his unmistakable aesthetic to The House of Peroni creation project.

In addition to the residency in July, The House of Peroni is launching online at providing a permanent window into the realms of Italian fashion, design, art and cuisine.