Workspace Interiors Awards projects now in

Posted on October 5, 2012 by Megan

With the closing of our annual WAN Workspace Interiors Award project entries from around the world have been submitted in hope of winning this prestigious accolade.

Interesting categories within the workspace award have emerged with entries for educational hubs and community workspaces coming in from Hawkins Brown for the Coventry Student Hub, and from Karim Rashid for the Queen’s University Human Media Lab in Kingston, Canada.

Project designs for corporate workspaces have also proved a popular category and we have received a high calibre of entries. Gensler submitted their Facebook campus in Menlo Park, USA which represents a fundamental shift in how we will approach work in the 21st century. The design team understood that Facebook is more than a technology company: it is a creative company, where the spirit of making things permeates the culture. Instead of corporate colours and official logos, the campus was designed for its inhabitants to take ownership over their space through artwork, installations, and the ability to simply reconfigure their space. Employees are encouraged to add their own personality to their space and are helped along by a dynamic artist-in-residency program where emerging artists are brought in to create featured works that add dynamism to the workplace.

Facebook, Menlo Park, USA

An open environment while balancing small-group collaboration and intense focus was the goal and the team delivered a new space type that will allow for unprecedented team-focused collaboration within and between engineering groups. Individuals have the time and space to imagine, muse, write, reflect, create, and just be alone with their thoughts. They also have easy access to their teams to meet, critique, refine, brainstorm, iterate, and develop.

To check out the full list of projects just visit our website. We will shortly be announcing our long-list with a special edition of INSIDE, our e-newsletter, which will be packed full of the latest news and editorial features on interior architects and designers working in the workspace interiors field.

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