The Saatchi Gallery in London, played host to the most distinguished figures in architecture and design at the World Interiors News Annual Awards ceremony on 30 October 2014. Guests from across the globe joined writer, broadcaster and design critic Tom Dyckhoff for the evening, to celebrate the designs that made the biggest impact on the cultural landscape over the past year.
This bar interior, designed and executed by Fabian A. Wagner of Buero Wagner with Andreas Kreft, looks for new configurations whilst paying a tribute to the local Bavarian culture and craftsmanship. The result is a new kind of cocktail bar – playful, sharp and bold – and one that provides something novel in terms of relationship between the bartender and drinkers.
The Wire Lounge Chair finds inspiration in traditional saddlery and metal work, and challenges the synergy and contrast in the use of materials. It transports traditional craftsmanship into the 21st century with impressive and refined detailing and an amazing shape.
Inspired by the waves of the sea and the lifestyle of Emirati fisherman, the Al Khan interiors manifest this concept using a sleek and contemporary approach that also uses remnants of the existing building's fabric.
A minimalist collection of cups made of ceramic compound with multiple lids available. The Soe Cups are functional in their design, creating a special place to store little treasures. They are also truly beautiful and made with care, with a handmade casting and finishing process that means every piece is unique.
One Plus were inspired by connective elements in the mediums of film and book, using a striking black and white palette to inspire the imagination of those visiting this elegant cinema, telling a meaningful story through their design. The space is unconventional yet coherent, with a strong identity that stands out above and beyond that of traditional cinema design.
Designer Beau McClellan of ByBeau has created a magnificent modular lighting system with multiple materials and coatings available, giving the Dusk collection endless possibilities in terms of shape and form. Dusk is simply extraordinary and a beautiful combination of materiality, clean detailing and fine craftsmanship.
Winners of the Lighting Products Award for the second year in a row, iGuzzini have developed Trick, an LED light capable of generating spectacular geometrical effects, with a well-defined and punctual shape. Trick is intelligent, versatile and clever; a tool that will be used by designers universally.
The scheme for Heathrow Terminal 2 goes above and beyond, providing exemplary quality of environment and delivering a great job on a grand scale. With a cohesive lighting strategy, clutter-free installation, intelligent controls and extensive natural lighting, this is set to be the world's first terminal to achieve an 'excellent' BREEAM rating.
195 circular skylights provide a multitude of functions for the Städel Museum, in an incredibly clever scheme that provides for diverse conservational or curatorial requirements. Highly engineered yet seemingly simple, the lighting is intelligent, attractive and perfectly refined.
Fender Katsalidis Architects designed the museum as a three level subterranean structure, with raw materiality that extends from the exterior through to the interior. The space reveals art with a sense of exploration and provides visitors with an individual journey of discovery.
A pure and cohesive design that addresses the intimacy of personal grieving and the shared rituals of commemoration, with contextual sensitivity and attention to materiality. Stunning and beautifully considered, for this year's judges HGA's mausoleum simply had everything and was unanimously decided on as an unparalleled winner for this category.
A micro-loft, just 3m wide by 25m long and custom-designed for its wheelchair bound inhabitant. Jury member Sally Mackereth of Studio Mackereth commented that this beautiful project 'sends a message to us all that we have to try harder, because as designers we are faced by constant layer upon layer of rules and regulations and not only have C.T. Architects embraced these, they’ve celebrated them in this sort of immaculate way. I give them huge credit for doing something so accomplished.'
Kinugawa embodies the traditional and contemporary soul of Japan with a French touch, with stunning interiors that have been executed in a remarkably unusual way. The design is textural and graphical, with strong attention to intricate details, delivering an extraordinary experience for customers dining there.
Richard Lindvall has transformed a parking garage into a Polish restaurant and late night bar, sustaining its raw atmosphere but adding touches of warmth with copper elements and photos of the workers on the walls. Nazdrowje is a demonstration of good industrial minimalism, using everything on trend but in an original way; confident and bold, stunning, sharp and sleek.
Part laboratory, part wonderland, Spun is a sweet shop whose design put a smile on all of the judge's faces. Fun, fresh and playful, with strong colours and geometric detailing, the store still evokes the hand-crafted aspect of sweet making, telling a story that's 'way better than Willy Wonka!'
OHLAB have questioned the concept of luxury, using simple, orthogonal boxes to create a sculptural, abstract and unpredictable environment where things are not what they seem. Stephen Jones of Woods Bagot commented this is a 'truly innovative project, bringing customers a new perspective on retail and the luxury shopping experience, a one-of-a-kind design that not only reflects the brand but takes it to the next and newest level.'
A journey to the future that also represents the past and Lochristi's rich history as a horticultural centre, King George's store design will easily attract customers with its original, beautiful references and clever detailing. This is a unique idea, out of the retail realm, providing an imaginative and playful space with great juxtaposition.
Respecting and celebrating the detailing of a former industrial warehouse, while creating a dramatic statement to represent the T2 company ethos, Landini Associates have created a space with fantastic blurring of boundaries; encompassing office, tea bar and tea tasting and workshop area. An amazing environment for employees and customers alike that maintains a strong expression of the T2 brand throughout.
A connection with nature was instrumental in this workplace design strategy, providing views to the outdoors from virtually any place within the building to create an environment where employees are excited and proud to come to work. The internal landscape of this design pushes boundaries to create an elegant and beautiful workspace on a large scale.
Thank you to the many hundreds of architects and designers, judges and sponsors who have made the World Interior News Awards 2014 our most successful awards to date.
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